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ECO-PROS - Endangered Species
How the Endangered Species Act Works, Listing Endangered and Threatened Species, Protecting Critical Habitat, Recovery Planning, Prohibited Actions under the ESA, Incidental Take Permits and HCPs, Conclusion and ... of following their parents as migratory birds normally do, these young cranes follow planes! Recovery teams in crane costumes are teaching new flocks of whooping cranes how to find food, ...

Toward a Canadian Botanical Garden Biodiversity Action Plan
Of the 102 listed species, recovery teams organized in cooperation with RENEW (Recovery of Nationally Endangered Wildlife) are currently working on recovery plans to protect only four species. Two ... and non-government partners alike. Under the Endangered Species Recovery Fund process administered by World Wildlife Fund Canada, recovery teams are invited to form themselves and apply for funding ...

ISSN 1480-8218
Objective 1.2: Support habitat conservation and species-at-risk recovery projects with appropriate plant material, including: * Development and distribution of guidelines for ... and conservation * Propagation of endangered plants and supply of seed stock to recovery teams * Provision of advice on rehabilitation projects and on biologically appropriate plant material * ... More from this site

RECOVERY EFFORTS At recovery planning meetings, Canada and the U.S. share information about management techniques ... S. also coordinate assessments of population status and recovery goals, and pool breeding population counts annually. All five U.S. and Canadian Recovery Teams for the Atlantic Coast, Northern Great Plains ...

CRANE (GRUS AMERICANA) AN EXAMPLE OF U.S./CANADA COOPERATION IN THE PROTECTION AND RECOVERY OF ENDANGERED SPECIES The Whooping Crane is probably the most famous endangered bird in ... on captive-breeding and re-introduction programs; and, most recently, combining their respective recovery teams. The resulting joint Recovery Team consists of five Canadians and five Americans with the remainder of the ... More from this site

Science and the Environment Bulletin: Watching Whoopers: Monitoring Crucial To Recovery
Hunting and harvesting bans, habitat conservation and captive breeding programs are some of the tactics recovery teams use to help restore populations, but none guarantee the conservation of a species over ... to address recovery not only through a single-species approach but also through recovery plans that consider the needs of other wildlife species and humans in the ecosystem. Recovery efforts are ...

Frogs Australia Network - Recovery Plans
Recovery plans are prepared and implemented by recovery teams who comprise of managers, scientists, community groups and landholders. Frog recovery plans Frog recovery plans focus ... recovery plans available) Recovery Plan for the Corroboree Frog (Pseudophryne corroboree), 2001 Recovery ...

Marine Turtle Recovery Planning - Office of Protected Resources - NOAA Fisheries
U.S. This initial plan was followed by individual species plans developed by recovery teams for the U.S. Atlantic species in the early 1990's and the U.S. Pacific species in the late 1990's. NOAA Fisheries and USFWS have initiated recovery ...

Recovery of Species under the Endangered Species Act - Office of Protected Resources - NOAA Fisheries
Many, but not all, recovery plans are written by recovery teams and, in some cases, implementation of plans is guided by recovery teams ... the species) on recovery teams, and to involve the public in recovery planning. To assist recovery teams and others in drafting recovery plans, NMFS developed Interim Recovery Planning Guidance [pdf] ... More from this site

Salmon Recovery Planning
Recovery ...

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