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Recycling Works, Here's How, What Can be Recycled?
ALUMINUM Aluminum is the most valuable of household recyclables. Aluminum cans are recycled to produce new aluminum cans. By recycling aluminum cans, you are helping to conserve energy. To make sure that a can is aluminum ...

EIA Kids Page - Waste to Energy
So, while at first glance, recycling and waste-to-energy seem to be at odds, they can actually ... Letís look at aluminum, for example. Aluminum ore is so expensive to mine that recycling aluminum more than pays for itself. Burning it produces no energy. Also, because aluminum melts at a low temperature ...

EIA Kids Page - Recycling Metals
Page - Recycling Metals Recycling Metals Aluminum, Steel, and Other Metals Recycling Aluminum Steel Recycling The ABCs of Steel A Growing Problem Aluminum, Steel, and Other Metals OLD cans to new CANS After you ... . RECYCLING ALUMINUM ALUMINUM cycle 1. You enjoy your favorite beverage in an aluminum can 2. You are a good "sort." You put the aluminum can in a bag for recycling. 3. Recycling company ... More from this site

National Recycling Coalition - Why It's Important
About NRC Events Programs Recycling 101 Why It's Important How It Works DOs & Don'ts of Recycling Interesting End Products More Information Recycling / Garbage Compost / Vermiculture ... recycling at home, you help significantly lower carbon emissions associated with extracting virgin materials, manufacturing products and waste disposal. Last year the amount of energy saved from recycling aluminum ...

Climate VISION: Private Sector Initiatives: Aluminum
Aluminum Association is measuring progress for Climate VISION based on data collected from its members. The Aluminum Association also pledges to support climate protection through efforts to increase aluminum recycling ...

Climate VISION: Private Sector Initiatives: Aluminum: Results
The goals of the program include: Increase the aluminum can recycling rate. Create a cost effective model for cities to implement self-sustaining recycling programs. Promote self sustaining recycling ... More from this site

Recycling Opportunities - Hall County, Georgia
Management Other Recycling Options Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan Contact Information Recycling Opportunities Whether young or old, recycling is a habit that all Hall Countians should practice. Recycling helps ... recycling center is located at 1008 Chestnut St. SE, Gainesville, GA 30501-6909. We accept all listed materials at this location. [pop-up map] Glass Products Newspaper Aluminum ...

Recycling Options - Hall County, Georgia
Blaze Recycling & Metals, Inc. 859 Athens Street 770.534.5612 Most metals, aluminum cans, appliances (freon must be removed) . RTS Landfill and Recycling ... More from this site

NRDC: Trash Landings: How Airlines and Airports Can Clean Up Their Recycling Programs
Landings How Airlines and Airports Can Clean Up Their Recycling Programs The U.S. airline industry discards enough aluminum cans each year to build 58 Boeing 747 airplanes, ... From NRDCís Airline Recycling Survey Chapter 3: Challenges and Recommendations for Establishing Airport Recycling Programs Chapter 4: More Recommendations for Implementing Airport Recycling Programs Conclusion Sign Up For ...

NSF Consumer Information: The Importance of Recycling
Read More Home > Consumer > Recycling The Importance of Recycling How much waste do you think the average U.S. citizen produces each year ... , and other durable and non-durable goods each year as well. Packaging waste, including glass, aluminum, plastics, metals, paper, and paperboard, also contributes significantly to our annual waste totals. Even yard ...

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