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DEQ - Laws and Rules
Management Plans Section 112(r) • General Guidance for Risk Management Plans • Sec. 608 Refrigerant Recycling Fact Sheet • Sec. 609 Motor Vehicle Air Conditioning • Title 40 of Code of ...

Liquids, Oils/Chemicals Recycling Section -- Canadian RecycleXchange
Recycling Pigment, Paint and Ink Recycling Solvents Recycling Acid Recycling Coolants and Refrigerant Recycling Soap and Detergent Recovery Gasses and Compressed Gas Recovery Other Chemicals Recycling Liquids, Oils/Chemicals Recycling : Industry Hazmat Works Liquids, Oils/Chemicals Recycling ...

EIA - The Environmental Investigation Agency: Global Environment / Ozone Layer / CFC Links
United Nations Environment Programme Ozone Secretariat ...

EIA - The Environmental Investigation Agency: Global Environment Campaign | Campaign Links
United Nations Environment Programme Ozone Secretariat ... More from this site

Pollution Prevention > Recycling | Browse EPA Topics | US EPA
Recycling Batteries, Compost, Electronics, Glass, Paper, Plastics, Refrigerant Recycling, Tires, Used Oil Smart Growth Sustainable Development Transportation Alternatives Biking, Ride Sharing, Transportation Control Measures Voluntary Partnerships Waste Reduction Refrigerant ...

EPA's Final Rule Governing Substitutes for CFC-12 Refrigerant in MVACs | Ozone Depletion - Regulatory Programs | U.S. EPA
November 15, 1995. Section 609 of the Act requires EPA to promulgate standards for refrigerant recycling equipment and for the proper use of that equipment. The standards are effective as ... for disposal; refrigerant from these sources must still be sent to a reclaimer. Mobile Recovery and Recycling The final rule also explicitly allows and establishes conditions for mobile refrigerant recovery, an ... More from this site

Ozone: Good Up High, Bad Nearby
EPA approved program to recover the refrigerant (this is required by law). Have your car and home air conditioner units and ... 's Related General Environmental Links Air Quality Energy Global Warming Hazardous Waste Land Use Recycling Toxics and Pesticides Water Quality Wildlife Almanac Search Web Policy Resources Political ...

Recycling Info - Ohio EPA Office of Pollution Prevention
Refrigerant (Freon) Reclaimers and Handlers Roadway Dust Suppressants Suppliers Silver Recovery Service and/or Equipment Providers Solvent Recycling Equipment Distributors Solvent Recycling ...

Responsible Use of HFCs
Recycling System design Refrigerant charge reduction Building air conditioning optimization Training, certification and registration Containment in production and use An emphasis on containment is essential whatever refrigerant is ... be expected that more than 80 % of the identified refrigerant losses could be avoided. Recovery and Recycling It makes environmental and economic sense to recover and ...

This implies the use of the best possible refrigerant system.       What makes a good refrigerant ?   A good refrigerant is a refrigerant that comply to 4 main properties : Property 1 ... maintenance and service of equipment, through training of /designers and engineers and through recovery and recycling - is now industry's focus. So propane is only explosive if it is emitted, ammonia ... More from this site

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