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California Department of Fish & Game
Additional Information: 3-14 & 18-21 Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Quantitative Finfish Abundance of Channel Islands Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) Cruise ROV Assessment team will conduct surveys at 10 sites within and ...

HBOI | Marine Science | Water Column Ecology
The use of a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) and an underwater video profiler have allowed detailed studies, both at the population and the ...

HBOI | Press Relations | Virtual Visit to the Deep-Sea Denizens
ROV). Sutton will explain the adaptations that have allowed numerous animals to flourish in the immense ... More from this site

Voyage to the Aleutian Islands: Understanding Alaskaís Deep Sea Frontiers
ROV) operated by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, capable of diving to 6500 m (21,320 f). This was the first operation of a civilian deep-diving vehicle in the ... multibeam sonar maps of the seafloor were used to select dive targets, and the ROV dives successfully recovered plutonic rocks, the magmas related to earlier generations of Aleutian volcanoes. ...

Live Webcast from Thunder Bay
Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory's (GLERL) R/V Shenehon provided support for ROV and SCUBA dive activities. Last month this wireless network was successfully tested by producing ... the rich cultural history lying on the floor of Lake Huron. NURP Center's remotely operated vehicle (ROV) was launched from the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory's (GLERL) R/V Shenehon ... More from this site

WWF - Blue Planet: Deep sea
Publications What You Can Do Blue Planet: Deep sea Cod species (Gadus morhua) near a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) at a depth of 400m, North East Atlantic Ocean. © WWF-Canon / Ian HUDSON Life ...

Vents Program: Explorer Ridge
(AUV) named ABE as well as extensive water column surveys using CTDs to detect hydrothermal plumes. The second expedition used a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) named ROPOS to explore ...

Pioneer Seamount Acoustics
Testing by University of Washington engineers indicate a cable fault approximately 25 miles offshore. A remotely operated vehicle (ROV) from MBARI surveyed and photographed the cable in the summer of 2003. Survey results indicated ... More from this site

New remotely operated vehicle arrives at MBARI
MBARI Home News & Information Ocean Observatories Research & Development Data & Images Marine Operations Press ... New remotely operated vehicle arrives at MBARI On July 23, 2008, MBARI's newest remotely operated vehicle (ROV) arrived in Moss Landing, after being shipped from the manufacturer (SMD-Hydrovision) in Newcastle, England. This vehicle will replace ROV ...

Tiburon ROV Replacement 2008
Autonomous and Remotely Operated Vehicles Tiburon Replacement Project Manager: Dale Graves Lead Scientist: Jim Barry The replacement remotely operated vehicle (ROV) for Tiburon, will be a Soil Machine Dynamics /Hydrovision ROV which, will ... /V Western Flyer and field trials will begin in May, 2008. The new vehicle should be operational by August. Last updated: May. 01, 2008 Home News & Information ... More from this site

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