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Opinions: Letters to the Editor; Republicans for Environmental Protection (REP America)
New York's Mayor Mike by Bob August, REP Tennessee State Coordinator; published in Business Week; edition of July 23, 2007 Dynamic Duo by Bob August, REP Tennessee State Coordinator; published in TIME ... in Arizona; published in the White Mountain Independent on August 2, 2006 Going Green by Bob August, REP's Tennessee coordinator; published in Newsweek on July 25, 2006 Criticism More Credible ...

Opinions: Op-eds; Republicans for Environmental Protection (REP America)
Press Going Green Is Too Big an Idea for Conventional Partisan Sniping by Bob August, Tennessee REP State Coordinator; published May 14, 2007 in the Tennessean The Political Climate Changes ... Sturgis Journal Tennesseans of all stripes catching on to need for conservation by Bob August, Tennessee REP Coordinator Bob August; published January 22, 2007 in the Tennessean Evergreen Achievement by Jim ... More from this site


Protect Our Woods: IEPA, SB 354, & IDNR Exemption
Natural Resources Study Committee: Rep. Bob Hoffman, Chair Rep. John Ulmer, Vice Chair Rep. Matt Bell Rep. Tim Brown Rep. Bill Friend Rep. Eric Gutwein Rep. Don Lehe Rep. Bob Bischoff Rep. Carlene Bottorff Rep. Terry Goodin Rep. Dale Grubb Rep. Paul Robertson Phone ...

Historic Victory for Forests
National Forests, the Congress turned back the timber industry’s latest attempt, Rep. Bob Smith’s (R-OR) Forest Recovery and Protection Act, by a vote of 181 to ...

... rep ...

Focus the Nation
TOP Who’s Helping Focus the Nation? Nancy Pelosi, Bob Inglis, Rev. Richard Cizik, Winona LaDuke, Woody Harrelson, Edward Norton Today, across the country, a ... €™s Coming?, What’s Happening? Will this start something big enough to change the future? Rep. Bob Inglis from South Carolina sent the students at Clemson an incredible video, making the case ...


Help protect historic Appalachian Trail from development blight - PennEnvironment
NPS lands. State Rep. Bob Freeman, D-Easton, has long advocated smart growth and the preservation of open space. His ...

Appalachian Trail still needs protection - PennEnvironment
Rep. Bob Freeman, the Democrat from Easton and chairman of the House Local Government Committee. His bill ... and municipalities for its protection. It most places, Pennsylvanians have lived up to that responsibility. Rep. Freeman's bill will empower them to keep doing so in the future. [Previous] [Next ... More from this site

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