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High-resolution gridded datasets
Climatic Research Unit : Data High-resolution gridded datasets See also: Climate Impacts LINK Project - GCM Data - David Viner This table presents the complete set of high-resolution climate grids ... high-resolution data set of surface climate over global land areas. Climate Research 21 ABSTRACT (AND WHOLE PAPER FOR SUBSCRIBERS) Conditions of use The various datasets on ...

Data available from CRU
Datasets are available in the following categories: Temperature (5x5 gridded versions) Precipitation (5x5 and 2.5x3.75 gridded versions) Pressure and Circulation Indices UK Climate Indices Mediterranean climate Alpine climate data High-resolution gridded datasets ... More from this site

Population Action International : Mapping the Future of World Population
But the advent of high-resolution mapping and new detailed datasets of population density begin to make such maps possible. This map, a product ... of each grid cell? First, they took two maps of past population density called the Gridded Population of the World, which represent density in 1990 and 1995. These maps, maintained by ...

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