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Richard Heinberg
Author: Richard Heinberg Journalist, educator, lecturer. A Core Faculty member of the New College of California ... , War, and the Fate of Industrial Societies (2003), and most recently, Powerdown (2004). Email: Richard Heinberg Home Up Powerdown: Chapter 6, Our Choice Please send mail ...

Ecological and Environmental literature: Dead Trees publishing - Page 5
The Primitivist Critique of Civilisation - by Richard Heinberg. " Unless drastic steps are taken, in fifty years the vast majority of the world's ...

Appropriate Technology and Co-operative Culture in Ladakh
See also A solar heated school in Ladakh: Civilization Reconsidered by Richard Heinberg. Helena Norberg-Hodge - Strands In The Web Dead Trees EF! c/o 6 Tilbury Place ... More from this site

peak oil media release
Permaculture SA, have organised a visit to South Australia by renowned US authority Richard Heinberg, and Australian permaculture pioneer David Holmgren. They will meet with senior public servants, ... at Peak Oil seminars on Monday, August 28. Rather than doom and gloom scenarios, Richard Heinberg proposes practical solutions which have already had a positive impact in communities around ...

Heinberg Holmgren Papers
Heinberg Holmgren Papers Papers from the tour by David Holmgren and Richard Heinberg to South Australia July 2006 The SA Strategic Plan & Permaculture - Text Click here to be ... where you can scroll down to download audio and powerpoint presentations from both David and Richard Richard & David at The Food Forest July '06 Homepage The Food Forest to get ... More from this site

David Suzuki Foundation: Climate Change: Links
The Party's Over: Oil, War and the Fate of Industrial Societies Richard Heinberg's book is a riveting wake-up call for human-kind as the oil era ...

Permaculture - Peak Oil - The Source of Permaculture Vision and Innovation
Peak Oil David Holmgren has been joined by Richard Heinberg, leading environmental educator from California, on a public speaking tour explaining the truth and opportunities ... widely discussed in the media, it is a bad news story to rival climate change. Heinberg and Holmgren make a great team to distill the key understandings behind the avalanche of ...

Permaculture and Peak Oil Tour: Holmgren and Heinberg
Peak Oil Tour: Holmgren and Heinberg In August 2006 David Holmgren was joined by Richard Heinberg, leading environmental educator from California, on a public speaking tour of Australian capital cities ... 3.1MB Audio (PodCast - 15.8MB - higher quality) Audio (MP3 - 8.6MB - lower quality) Richard Heinberg Peak Oil: The Challenge, the Possible Responses (45minute presentation) Powerpoint file 2.3MB Pdf ... More from this site

OCA's Resource Center on Environment and Climate
Climate Crisis, Peace & Other Progressive Movements Together--Before It's Too Late 08/05/08 - Richard Heinberg on Coal & Climate 08/05/08 - Greenpeace's Rex Weyler: Prescriptions for Survival in the ...

Permaculture in New Zealand
The 2030 Spike - Countdown To Global Catastrophe. - Colin Mason The Party\'s Over - Richard Heinberg Permaculture Principles and Ethics - Formulated by Robyn Clayfield Limits to Growth: The 30-Year Update ...

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