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Judi Bari: The darkest hour is just before the dawn.
Diego, where he was instrumental in organizing an FBI-funded right wing paramilitary group called the Secret Army Organization (SAO). The SAO ... An even more frightening example of black propaganda came from the right wing anti- environmental group the Sahara Club. In April 1990 they ...

Anti-genetics Actions (Do or Die)
This has led to much controversy (at least from right wing newspapers). At the same time it has recieved widespread support from local villagers who supply ... More from this site

Raptor Rehabilitation of Ky.- Shelby - American Kestrel
The vet treated him and wrapped his wing for correct healing. After a month in the wrap we began physical therapy on the wing. Unfortunately, the bone was ...

Raptor Rehabilitation of Ky. - Kachina - Turkey Vulture
Doberman and was terrified. Her broken right wing had healed incorrectly, and some surgical wire still remained in the wing. We took her back to RROKI and worked to ... More from this site

Male hatched in 2002. He is missing all of his right wing. He was found on the University of New Mexico campus, with ... the Wildlife Center, in Espanola, New Mexico. She has a broken right wing which grows deformed feathers at the site of the break. She ... Raptor Center, California in November of 2003. She has a fractured wing, which probably resulted from a car collision. She is just finishing ...

New Mexico. She had a fractured right wing and a severe case of "bumblefoot," a bacterial or fungal infection ... her as a pet. She is not fully flighted, and her right wing droops slightly. Her large size makes her a favorite in educational ... wound to her head. She also has damage to the right wing. Although healed, her wing droops, and she is not fully flighted. She also ... More from this site

CoP-9 in Milan: A Fashionable Trend for Climate Agreements
No single Article within United Nations Framework Convention on Climate ... can be proactive and develop their own proposal tabled in the right time to instigate the most acceptable "process". Rebuilding the climate ... it. So, welcome to the jungle of CoP-9. The right-wing government of Italy may welcome you with nice food, pretty ...

Aerial camera wing mount system for Cessna from Last Refuge
IMAX] [aerial images] MOVING AERIAL CAMERA WING MOUNT SYSTEM for CESSNA Aircraft Our wing mount promo movie (10 minutes, 29 Mb file) can be viewed here ... download the file, follow these instructons:. To download the files, if you are using PC, right click on the text link above and select"Save Target As" (Internet Explorer) or "Save ...

The Net Rag - Big Pig News
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Millions Against Monsanto Campaign - Organic Consumers Association
Beet--Boycott Kellogg's and Morningstar Farms Products "Do the Right Thing Home Depot," Dump Monsanto's RoundUp! Is your ... synthetic steroid, sued Oakhurst, claiming they should not have the right to inform their customers that their dairy products do not ... 21 - Monsanto Continues to Back Off on Biotech Wheat 3/17 - Right-Wing African-American Civil Rights Group Works Hand in Hand with Monsanto & ...

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