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FORESTS FOREVER­ Protecting California's Forests
Send a letter to the U.S. Forest Service and tell them to keep wild forests intact and unroaded. Follow the link below to send your message: Click here to read Wild at Heart, new report on Idaho's roadless forests ...

gov supports roadless
Governor will petition feds to protect California’s roadless forests Schwarzenegger will also appeal Southern California forest plans California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger ... is important for California and the West, and Forests Forever applauds his decision to protect the state’s roadless forests. The decision by the Resources Department to appeal the ... More from this site

Reinstate the Roadless Rule in Arizona, Melanie Lawrence
Opinions: Published Letters to the Editor Search Return to Letters Index Reinstate the Roadless Rule in Arizona by Melanie Lawrence, a REP member in Alpine, Arizona published in ... 2005, the White House repealed the Roadless Area Conservation Rule, which conserved one third of America's national forests, including 1.2 million acres in Arizona. Roadless forests in our state include such ...

John Muir Project - Ban roads in federal forests, but go a step further and end logging as well
Congressional leaders should do the right thing and pass this legislation outright, or at least deny funding for any logging in roadless forests. These are the last, best forests -- the wildest and most ecologically diverse places that remain. Severe fires are least likely to occur in such forests because ...

Heritage Forests Campaign: Our Roadless Areas - Introduction
OUR ROADLESS AREAS • About the Roadless Rule • Economics of Roadless Areas • Environmental Benefits • Recreational Benefits • Roadless Rule Timeline Our Roadless Areas About the Roadless Rule The 2001 Roadless ... in taxpayer dollars every year. Find out more. Environmental Benefits Roadless forests provide a wealth of environmental benefits as well. These ...

Heritage Forests Campaign: Our Roadless Areas - Environmental Benefits
Roadless forests do the following to strengthen our environment: Safeguard clean water from more than 2,000 watersheds, the source of drinking water for 60 million Americans—more than half of roadless ... More from this site

Worth More Wild: The Value of Pennsylvania's Roadless National Forest - PennEnvironment
The strong public support for protecting roadless areas can be understood by looking at their economic and ecological values: Sixty million Americans rely on drinking water from national forests. Roadless ...

Roadless Areas
Arts & Ecology Center D.E.E.P. Trillium Farm Threatened & Endangered: Little Applegate Valley Roadless Areas Roadless areas are the most pristine and wild places in the Little Applegate. Where roads are ... a complex mosaic across the landscape. The south unit is wild and remote, with diverse forests (including old-growth) on the north slope providing the primary view from the Sterling Ditch ...

National Forests in the GYE: Beaverhead, Bridger-Teton, Caribou-Targhee, Custer, Gallatin & Shoshone
Yellowstone Parks & Lands Yellowstone NP Grand Teton NP Nat'l Forests •Beaverhead •Bridger-Teton •Caribou-T •Custer •Gallatin •Shoshone Roadless Areas Private Lands Other Lands Our Work Take Action! Waters ... , and wildlife of the Greater Yellow-stone Ecosystem, now and for future generations. National Forests within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Move your mouse over the map for the ecosystem ...

Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem National Forests: Beaverhead-Deerlodge
Beaverhead and the Deerlodge National Forests into one administrative unit. President Theodore Roosevelt first proclaimed the Beaverhead and Deerlodge National Forests in two separate executive orders on July ... of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. This forest boasts nearly 1.9 million acres of Roadless lands, the most of any national forest in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. On the ... More from this site

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