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Endangered Species: Northern Rocky Mountains
Species: Northern Rocky Mountains Topic Area: Endangered Species Geographic Area: Northern Rocky Mountains Focal Question: Can economic incentives be altered to reduce opposition to wolf conservation? Sources: (1) ... The Arizona Republic November 25, 1995. (3) Gerhardt, Gary Wolf Backers To Pay for Calf Rocky Mountain News; February 1, 1995; Ed. F; Page 8A. (4) Miniclier, Kit Wild Things The ...

Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory : International
Mexican Plateau >> Western Mexico The Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory (RMBO) was founded in 1988 to address the conservation needs of birds in the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains. RMBO employs a broad spectrum of tactics toward this end, including international partnerships and projects. Given that most birds of the Rocky Mountains and ...

Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory : Membership : Join Us Today!
Partners In Flight | International | Publications >> News and Events >> Merchandise Members make a big difference in Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory's efforts to conserve birds. One benefit of membership is ... faced by our region's birds. Membership fees to help the Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory conserve birds of the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains. Membership Donations: We accept the following ... More from this site

The Great Plains/Rocky Mountain HSRC - Dr. Larry E. Erickson
Rocky Mountain HSRC - Dr. Larry E. Erickson Home Contact Search Publications Conferences Programs Research ... Great Plains/Rocky Mountains Hazardous Substance Research Center Professor, Chemical Engineering Research Specialties Transport Phenomena Biochemical Engineering Environmental Engineering Bioremediation Food Engineering Reaction Engineering Contact Information Great Plains/Rocky Mountain ...

Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory : About Us
Publications >> Staff Directory >> Old Stone House >> Volunteer >> Visit Us >> Acknowledgements >> Careers What is the Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory ? RMBO was founded in 1988 to address a bird conservation ... need in the western United States. Our mission is to conserve birds of the Rocky Mountains, Great Plains, and Intermountain West and the habitats on which they depend through research ...

Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory : About Us : Staff Directory
Northern Saw-whet Owls in the southern Appalachian Mountains. In cooperation with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, Bart is responsible for ... will conserve Rocky Mountains and Great Plains birds and their habitats. David is currently participating in several local, regional and international efforts to conserve species and habitats in the Rocky Mountains ... More from this site

The Mountain Institute - Revised - Sacred Mountains
Isabella Bird From ``A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains'' The Program I Partnership with NPS I Products I International Projects Mount Kailas, ... and crosses the highest mountains in South America. The Sacred Mountains Program is publishing and creating internet databases for its "Mountains and People, People and Mountains'' handbook, which connects different ...

Land & Sea Latitude Local Climates Maritime Climate Measuring Climate Mediterranean Climate Monsoons Mountains Oceans Polar Climate Pressure Patterns Prevailing Winds Rainfall Patterns Regional Climates Savannah ... ability to influence such circulation patterns which regulate the global climate system. The Rocky Mountains for example, which extend along the western side of the North American ...

Environmental Information FOE Future Flight Geography World National Building Specification Think Energy Mountains Mountains influence climate from local and regional scales to even the scale ... mountains, generating localised weather phenomena due to the uplift of air, the eastward trajectories of large air masses are generally deflected by north-south orientated mountain chains. The Rocky Mountains ... More from this site

WWF - Mountains
Covering about a fifth of the earth's surface, mountains are found on all continents and there are even mountains under the surface of the sea! Mountains ... , great areas of land are lifted upwards to form mountains. Other mountains are formed by the earth's crust rising into a ... peak is bare and rocky and perhaps covered in snow and ice. Above the tree-line in the mountains of Africa, strange ...

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