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Green Home Building: Article about the Lost Art of Pantries and Root Cellars
Components The Lost Art of Pantries and Root Cellars by Kelly Hart In this age of electric refrigeration, the use of cool storage pantries and root cellars has all but faded into oblivion. This ... practically anything. Before the days of refrigeration, root cellars and ice boxes were about the only way to keep certain crops fresh after harvest. Root cellars were usually separate from the house and dug ...

Green Home Building: Sustainable Architecture: Food Storage
Root Cellars and Pantries Hybrid Pantry Concept EXPERT ADVICE with Kelly Hart Root Cellars Cool Pantries Miscellaneous INFORMATIVE LINKS BOOKS & VIDEOS Click on image to buy from All About Wine Cellars ... on root cellars. several links to root cellar sites. how to build a root cellar. extensive article about root cellars Disclaimer Of ... More from this site

Earth-Sheltered / Underground Houses: How-to books to build your own low-cost, energy efficient undergound home.
You will also learn how incorporate greenhouses, root cellars, and--if you desire--a fallout shelter. It is the only book on the market ... Your Greenhouse Chapter 12: Rabbits and Other Beneficial Critters Chapter 13: Growing Tips Chapter 14: Root Cellars Chapter 15: The Garden House Photos Chapter 16: Designing Your Own Greenhouse Chapter 17: Building ...

When in doubt about strength, put on another layer of wire. When laying one ...

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To eat only locally at a ...

Living Routes - Sirius Community
Approximately 30% of the food is grown on site and much is preserved in root cellars over the winter months. Climate Summer in western Massachusetts is quite pleasant with temperatures ranging ...

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