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ROV Ventana
ROV Ventana Standard Equipment Specifications Pilots The Early Days ROV Ventana was built for the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute by International Submarine Engineering. The specifications for Ventana ...

New remotely operated vehicle arrives at MBARI
ROV's arrival and unveiling at MBARI's facilities in Moss Landing, California. For an interesting comparison, see these pictures of MBARI's first ROV, Ventana, being delivered to our Pacific Grove offices in 1989. The new ROV and its associated gear occupied several large crates that ... More from this site

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Mission to the Deep Exhibit - Research
MBARIís remotely operated vehicle (ROV) Ventana. Here he describes what itís like to pilot a midwater dive from an ROV. 3 min | Download (right click on link to ...

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Mission to the Deep Exhibit - About MBARI
MBARI's remotely operated vehicle (ROV) Ventana has made more dives than any other scientific ROV in the world. MBARI's remotely operated vehicle Tiburon can dive ... More from this site

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