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Greenfleet - Directors, Advisory Council
Directors comprises: Dr Ruth Beilin Ms Julie Hansen Mr Robert Joy (Chairman) Mr David Lamb Dr Christopher Mitchell Prof Allan Rodger The Hon. Tom Roper Dr Ruth Beilin Ruth Beilin is Associate Dean Teaching ... within the Faculty as a Landscape Sociologist in the School of Resource Management. Dr Beilin is Deputy Director of the Office for Environmental Programs at the University of Melbourne. ...

People - Office for Environmental Programs
Deputy Directors Professor Mark Burgman School of Botany Faculty of Science Dr Ruth Beilin School of Recource Management Faculty of Land and Food Stream Coordinators Stream 1: ... Regions Dr Dominique Hes Urban Planning Department Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning Dr Ruth Beilin School of Resource Management Melbourne School of Land and Environment Department of Resource ...

Sustainable Citis, Sustainable Regions - Office for Environmental Programs
Community Alumni PEN Melbourne CBD Sustainable Cities, Sustainable Regions Coordinators: Dr Dominique Hes (Architecture) Dr. Ruth Beilin (Land & Food Resources) Committee: Dr. John Wilson (Engineering) Dr. Carolyn Whitzman (Architecture) Dr. Mark Paine ... More from this site