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Wild Tucson and the Senoran Desert
Sabino Creek, and to the city of Tucson, Sabino Canyon offers swimming (if the season is right), hiking, rock climbing, and mountain biking. The city even offers trams to lift the travel weary up through the canyon ... Back to Top HOW DO I? Hiking- First try Sabino Canyon. It is more civilized with drinking fountains, paved ...

National Association for Interpretation
Friends of Hearst Castle 2003 - Friends of Santa Cruz 2000 - Friends of Sabino Canyon, USFS, Tucson, AZ; Friends of Great Smoky Mountains & Great Smoky Mountains Natural History ... Nannen, Des Moines, Iowa 1995 - Oxley Nature Center Association, Oklahoma 1994 - Red Rocks Canyon Interpretive Association, Las Vegas, Nevada Community Interpretive Service Award 2005 - McKay Lodge Conservation ...

Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory - Guide to Birding Hot Spots
S1 Patagonia Roadside Rest Patons' House (hummingbird feeding station) Portal Ramsey Canyon - H1 Rustler Park SABO Headquarters - B1 Sabino Canyon - T3 Saguaro National Park - T2 San Pedro House - H4 San ... C6 Willcox Playa - C4, C5 Zacatecas Canyon (Bisbee) Tucson & Pima County: T1 Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum T2 Saguaro National Park (West & East) T3 Sabino Canyon (Coronado National Forest) T4 Agua ...

Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory's Birding Guide: Tucson & Vicinity
Sabino Canyon parking area, the Catalina Mountains (Mount Lemmon), and the Madera Canyon Recreation Area. Visitors who arrive on foot or by bicycle are exempt from the fee. Access Advisory: Visitor access to Sabino Canyon ... More from this site

National Geographic Adventure Mag.: Mountain lion confrontations with humans.
San Diego County's Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, Colorado's Front Range, and Arizona's Sabino Canyon. In each of these locales, the human population has mushroomed in recent decades (the population ...

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