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National Geographic: Lewis & Clark—Animals—Sage Grouse
Lewis & Clark—Animals—Sage Grouse SHOWING RECORD: 5 of 11   Sage Grouse Illustration by Gerald Rapp & Cullen Inc./Laszlo Kubinyi Sage Grouse Centrocercus urophasianus June 5, 1805, Marias River, Chouteau County, Montana ... worldwide >> American (Pale) Goldfinch Goldeye Loggerhead (White-Rumped) Shrike McCown's Longspur Sage Grouse Sauger Fragile Prickly-Pear Tansy Square Butte Weather-Sculpted Arch ...

Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory : Education : On The Wing
Mountain Plovers, to Rosy Finches and White-tailed Ptarmigans, to Sage Grouse and Gray Vireos, campers are certain to see a ... 3 days were spent in Dinosaur National Monument learning about sage shrubland, pinyon-juniper, and riparian habitats and the avifauna that ... at Loveland Pass. Sorry, no Ptarmigans this time! Seeing Greater Sage Grouse was an amazing experience. I liked this camp because I ...

Fish and Wildlife Service
Information Quality Guideline 2004 Annual Report.pdf Florida panther Osage Hydroelectric Company Sage grouse (Owyhee County Board of Commissioners) Sage grouse (Partnership for the West) Sand Mountain blue butterfly FY2003 (October 1, 2002 ...

NMPIF Shrublands 4
Bird Conservation Plan. Sage Grouse was once a breeding species in this habitat in north-central New Mexico. However, ... 1997) Associated Species: Scaled Quail, Loggerhead Shrike, Brewer's Sparrow, Vesper Sparrow, Sage Sparrow, Horned Lark uses sage-dominated grasslands and shrubby arid lands; considered a sagebrush obligate and prefers ...

NMPIF Appendix A
Sage Grouse SAGR Centrocercus urophasianus Blue Grouse BEGR Dendragapus obscurus White-tailed Ptarmigan WTPT Lagopus leucurus Lesser Prairie-Chicken LEPC Tympanuchus pallidictinctus Sharp-tailed Grouse ... Lark Sparrow LASP Chondestes grammacus Black-throated Sparrow BTSP Amphispiza bilineata Sage Sparrow SAGS Amphispiza belli Lark Bunting LARB Calamospiza melanocorys Savannah Sparrow ... More from this site

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North America Patuxent Wildlife Research Center Point Reyes Bird Observatory Riparian Habitat Joint Venture Sage Grouse Conservation Project Shorebird Recovery Project USFWS Shorebird Sister Schools Program Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network ...

Plant Communities of the Mono Basin
Jeffrey and lodgepole pine, aspen, black cottonwood, willow, wild rose, sweet sage, lupine, and desert paintbrush help define the riparian (stream-side) habitat of the ... More from this site

Land Use History of the Upper Gunnison Basin, Colorado
Gunnison Country. B & B Printers, Gunnison, Colorado. 472 pp. Young, J.R. 1999.

Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory : Membership : Join Us Today!
Kinglet Membership ($15) MacGillivray's Warbler Membership ($30) Belted Kingfisher Membership ($50) Gunnison Sage-Grouse Membership ($100) Swainson's Hawk Membership ($250) Great Horned Owl Membership ($250) Bald Eagle Membership ...

Wildlife Division - Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Molalla black-tailed deer Dogs and Traps (pdf) Wildlife Management Areas Cougar Management Plan Greater Sage-Grouse Conservation Assessment and Strategy for Oregon (pdf) Conservation Strategy for Oregon West Nile Virus On ...

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