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Toulon for the third Relay segment, across the Trinity Range and Granite Springs Valley. This one would be 33 miles in ... sand and volcanic cinders. We camped in the foothills of the Trinity Range in a brushland that had been largely taken over by cheatgrass. ... was sunny. After enjoying the view fifteen miles west to the Sahwave Range, we placed a peak register and returned to camp. Two of ...

Nevada Desert Trail 2005
V: The Kumiva Sections. Leader Bob Lyon Segment W: Selenite Range. Leader Paul Menkes Segment X: Black Rock Crossing. Leader Bob ... across huge Granite Springs Valley. The route traverses the Trinity Range, climbing 7337' Trinity Peak. Great views, good wildlife, a ... 16-17 (Mon-Tue) Segment T Sahwave Range Backpack (S) Segment T runs 17 miles, ascending the Sahwave Range on a cross-country route and ... More from this site

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