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BHP Coal Mine Mining Technology
Location Northern Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia Ownership Xstrata (100%) Geology type Permian coal measures Mineral type Bituminous coal Reserve base 110Mt recoverable (2005) Annual production 5.95Mt of saleable coal ... of saleable coal containing 9–14% ash and achieving an average yield of 77.5%. Following upgrades, the plant currently has a capacity of 7.7Mt/y of saleable coal. ...

Kendal Coal Mine, Witbank Mining Technology
The target coal seams are discrete coal seams ... saleable coal. "Kendal is designed to handle about 6,000t/day, producing about 112,000t/month of saleable coal." Kendal is a simple operation in terms of processing. All the coal will be crushed and screened, generating the run-of-mine product. About 40% of that coal ... More from this site
The CO2 levels in the gas must be reduced so that the gas is commercially saleable. If geosequestration was not an option then the gas would be dumped into the atmosphere ... hour and are expected to reduce further. Geosequestration, if applied will make energy produced from coal power stations more expensive than energy from existing renewable sources, making geosequestration of CO2 from ...

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