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2003 newsarchives
Rancher to lead resources agency (11/22/03) • Salmon kill linked to level of Klamath (11/19/03) • Renewed ... law (8/29/03) • Bill would ban ocean salmon farms, gene-altered fish (8/27/03) • Salmon Gate scandal hounds Bush tour (8/26/03) ... No House ban on snowmobiles (7/17/03) • Klamath ruling pleases salmon's allies (7/18/03) • Park Service archaeologists' jobs on budget ...

Gold Seal - Alaska Salmon: Wild, Sustainable, Pure
Alaska salmon are wild; there are no salmon farms in Alaska. In order to protect Alaskas wild fisheries from potential problems, salmon farming was prohibited by the Alaska legislature in 1990 (Alaska Statute 16.40.210). Alaska salmon ...

#108 -- Threat to Wild Salmon, 19-Sep-2007 | Environmental Research Foundation
In some cases, sea lice originating from salmon farms are estimated to have killed up to 95% of the wild juvenile salmon that pass salmon farms during ... to wild salmon and kill juvenile wild salmon. In some cases, sea lice originating from salmon farms are estimated to have killed up to 95% of the wild juvenile salmon that pass salmon farms during ...

David Suzuki Foundation: Net Loss
The current FCR on British Columbia salmon farms can vary from 1.3 to 1.7 (ie: 1.3 to 1.7 tonnes of dry feed to make 1 tonne of farmed salmon for ... one tonne salmon is between 2.7 and 3.5 tonnes (ie: the FCR multiplied by 2.08). It should be noted that in practice, BC salmon farms do ...

David Suzuki Foundation: Open Netcage Fish Farm Pollution
The main source of organic pollution from salmon farms is fish excrement and uneaten feed. The amount of feces produced by farmed salmon can ... during net cleaning. Another toxic metal that is emitted by salmon farms is zinc. This is because zinc sulphate is added to salmon feed as a way to help the fish avoid contracting ... More from this site

Farmed and Dangerous - What is Salmon Farming?
BC, the environmental, economic, and human health impacts of commercial-scale salmon farming. Find out how salmon farms affect First Nations communities and about CAAR’s solutions. References 1 Orr, C. (2007). Estimated sea louse egg production from Marine Harvest Canada farmed Atlantic salmon ...

Farmed and Dangerous - Organic Farmed Salmon?
Salmon? Home Salmon Farming Problems What is Salmon Farming? Environmental Impacts Economic Impacts Health Concerns & Chemical Use PCB's & Contaminants Excessive Antibiotics Healthy Fats From Healthy Oceans Chemical Dependence Organic Farmed Salmon ... on Organic Farmed Salmon? (pdf) References 1 BBC News (Oct. 2006) Concern over organic salmon farms. problems with salmon farming | make a difference | ... More from this site

Salmon Safe
Operations endorsed by our independent professional certifiers are promoted with the Salmon-Safe label. Salmon-Safe farms gain ... Salmon-Safe expansion. Salmon-Safe certified farms include both organic operations and growers using biologically-based integrated pest management. Salmon-Safe's farm program operates in watersheds whose ecological significance for native salmon ...

Salmon Safe
Salmon-Safe has been enthusiastic. More than two dozen farms have been certified, including Herb Pharm and Pacific Botanicals , two of the nation's leading growers of herbal medicinals. Download Salmon-Safe Applegate grower list Salmon-Safe ... More from this site

The SALMON Economy "Great Canadian Rivers"
Exports of farmed salmon in 2000 were British Columbias most significant exported agricultural product, at a value of $270 million. Fish farms in New Brunswicks Bay of Fundy have become a $100 million industry, exceeding all other traditional fisheries in the Bay combined. Atlantic salmon is the major product ...

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