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National Rivers: Idaho river news, whitewater, paddling, canoeing, kayaking, rafting, fly-fishing, Idaho river conservation and river access.
Salmon and Middle Fork management The U.S. Forest Service is offering the public five new alternatives for managing the Salmon and Middle Fork of the Salmon rivers ... removal, the cornerstone for salmon recovery, according to American Rivers. The group is ... Rivers United can be reached at PO Box 633, Boise, ID 83701, or at (208) 343-7481. Breaching dams to bring back salmon on Lower Snake River Salmon ...

Gold Seal - Pacific Salmon Species: Chinook, Chum, Coho, Pink, Sockeye
It is the most sought-after salmon species due to its rich flavour and firm, deep red flesh. see image Pacific Salmon Rivers and Spawning Streams On the Fraser River, the largest salmon river in the world, sockeye are managed under strict conservation practices. Salmon images and map courtesy of BC Salmon ...

The EXPLOITS RIVER "Great Canadian Rivers"
Listings Movie Listings CLIVE Concerts Mutual Funds Stocks Feedback Index Great Canadian RIVERS History Ecosystem Culture Recreation Economy ExploitsRiverHome Exploits River History Bites Tragic Conclusion ... Facts Surfeit of Salmon Fishways, stocking programs, and other habitat enhancements have transformed the Exploits into one of Newfoundland's most spectacular Atlantic salmon rivers. Rapid Fact ...

The SAINT JOHN RIVER "Great Canadian Rivers"
TV Listings Movie Listings CLIVE Concerts Mutual Funds Stocks Feedback Index Great Canadian RIVERS History Ecosystem Culture Recreation Economy SaintJohnRiverHome History Bites River Route The Saint John ... Lawrence River. Fishy Facts Slipping Salmon Once one of the great Atlantic salmon rivers of New Brunswick, the Saint John has suffered a critical decline of salmon numbers since 1990. Rapid ... More from this site

Within the Beauty Strip: Forest Management as if Salmon Mattered
Rivers and streams have distinct habitats, patches, and connections that, in the case of salmon, need to be ... main-stem rivers.   •         Current forestry regulations are inadequate for salmon protection ... preservation, protection and/or education projects intended to benefit wild Atlantic salmon and their habitat and ecosystems in Downeast Maine. The report ...

Salmon: Spirit of the Land and Sea
Here are several ways to make choices so your own backyard aids in salmon recovery. - Use Water wisely; efficient irrigation leaves water in lakes and rivers for salmon, improves ... . For more information you can log on to the following sites: Soils for Salmon: Salmon Information Center: Native Plant Society: ...

Salmon: Spirit of the Land and Sea
Along the way we will track the rare, white Spirit Bear and catch glimpses of orca, two of the many species nourished by this mysterious and powerful journey of the salmon ... we are using to launch this journey of discovery about Salmon and their world. Post a Question to the Team! Each ... More from this site

Living on Earth Special Report: Salmon in the Pacific Northwest
Pacific Norhwest. Now the idea of engineered rivers is provoking intense debate in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Sandy Tolan reports on the past ... a spring chinook salmon and all it encounters. Cooking Salmon(Coming soon) Once considered a regional or seasonal delicacy, salmon are now a restaraunt staple. Has the increased demand for salmon pushed them to ...

Salmon by ERN European Rivers Network Salmon's Webpage [deutsch ] [ franais ] Divers Last News Links and Announcements Brochure: Title: Sauver le saumon ... School) Save our wild salmon page (USA) Snake River Salmon (USA) Wildsalmon (Columbia and Snake CRiver Campaign) back to the RiverNet Homepage These pages and their content are Copyright of European Rivers Network.

EcoEarth.Info Environment Links: Water/Rivers
NGOs) working on rivers Added: Jan. 03, 2001 | Rate It Fish Passage Center (1 vote) provides current and historic data on salmon and steelhead passage in the main stem Snake and Columbia river basins Added: Jan. 03, 2001 | Rate It FLOW Wild and Scenic Rivers Program http://www.oregonwaters ...

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