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Salmon Safe
Salmon Safe FAQ SUCCESS STORIES STAFF & BOARD FUNDERS Welcome to Salmon-Safe. Almost a decade after we first started certifying fish friendly farms in Oregon's Willamette Valley, Salmon-Safe ... Salmon-Safe retail campaign has been featured in 200 supermarkets and natural food stores. Salmon-Safe is an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit devoted to restoring agricultural and urban watersheds so that salmon ...

Salmon Safe
Salmon Safe FAQ SUCCESS STORIES STAFF & BOARD FUNDERS Salmon-Safe Partner Organizations Applegate River Watershed Council Low Input Viticulture & Enology Salmon Nation Stewardship Partners Oregon Tilth ... Quality Salmon Friendly Seattle Portland Parks & Recreation Ecotrust's Salmon Nation campaign informs the public about hidden ecological costs of farmed salmon. Ecotrust 2005 2003 Salmon-Safe | ... More from this site

Salmon Safe
Salmon Safe Nike Corporate Campus Certification Walla Walla wine country earns Salmon-Safe certification Salmon-Safe certifies 25 Walla Walla wine growers, more than half of Valley's vineyard acreage... Read More Salmon-Safe ... 's first Salmon-Safe museum... Read More Get Salmon-Safe news and stay current on ecologically sustainable wine, farming, and more. Partners 2003 Salmon-Safe Inc. | Portland, ...

Salmon Safe
Read the article. PSU first 'salmon safe' university: Portland-based nonprofit group Salmon Safe aims to help salmon thrive, August 2006 Politicians ... salmon swim beyond the dinner table as Salmon-Safe, a Portland-based salmon conservation program, encourages area vineyards to use salmon-friendly farming. Dan Kent, managing director of Salmon-Safe ... More from this site

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Green Energy usage. OMSI's Green Energy efforts are varied and include the salmon safe water cooling towers that use river water to heat and cool the building and the ... Pattern Browser
Salmon Ceremony and The Tale of the Salmon Woman have been passed down through generations and provide evidence of the sacred relationship between the Lummi history and culture and the salmon Salmon Safe A program sponsored by the Pacific Rivers Council to label foods harvested in a way which maintains salmon habitat. This program certifies beef ...

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The Pacific Rivers Council provides information on its Knowles Creek and Salmon-Safe agricultural/urban restoration projects. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection discusses several of ... Kansas City Neighborhood Alliance (KCNA) is to build the capacity of neighborhoods to become safe, strong, stable, and attractive places where people are proud to live. KCNA works ...

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Home & garden hints Updated: June 21, 1999 Endangered Species Act home What King County is doing for salmon What you can do for salmon | Resources & background information Salmon Information Center (external link) Home & garden tips King County | Executive | ...

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Salmon The Story of Salmon Salmon Education Centre Pacific Salmon: Five of a Kind Salmon Life Cycle Salmon Migration Harvesting & Processing Salmon Processing Wild Salmon Alaska Salmon: Wild & Pure Salmon Conservation Salmon Links The colour of salmon ... product inspection. 12. Commitment To Quality Canfisco is committed to producing safe, wholesome and high quality products; and is also committed to ... Pattern Browser
Produce is labeled organic, hormone-free, salmon-safe, non-genetically modified; wood is certified as sustainably harvested; tuna is certified as dolphin-safe; and fish stocks are in ... systems to guide consumption and green procurement. Examples of this pattern in action: Salmon-Safe Salmon-Safe offers Northwest farmers a comprehensive agronomic certification program that provides a structured and ...

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