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USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center: Regional Standards to Identify and Evaluate Tidal Wetland Restoration in the Gulf of Maine -- A GPAC Workshop Report
Over the course of two days, workshop participants achieved consensus on methods for identifying potential salt marsh restoration and reference sites and for evaluating salt marsh restoration ...

Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies | Cape Cod Bay Monitoring Program | Intro
Monitoring Program, that will develop over the coming years, include research on eelgrass ecosystems (mapping, restoration, habitat studies), coastal geology (land-sea interaction), and salt marsh restoration.

PWA - Restoration Projects Overview
Salt Marsh Restoration Project Summary Salt evaporation ponds have occupied Bair Island for the last 60 years. PWA is providing design services to restore the sites original tidal salt marsh ...

Corporate Wetlands Restoration Partnership - Projects
Salt Marsh Restoration (Newport) Hamilton Fishway (North Kingstown) Lonsdale Marsh/Drive-In Aquatic Habitat Restoration Project (Lincoln) Pawtuxet River Fish Run Restoration (Cranston and Warwick) Town Pond Salt Marsh Restoration Project (Portsmouth) Walker's Farm Salt Marsh Restoration ...

Corporate Wetlands Restoration Partnership - Events
Marsh Restoration Project Event (PDF) Lonsdale Marsh Restoration Project Event (PDF) Groundbreaking Ceremony for Damde Meadows Salt Marsh Restoration Project in Hingham, MA, May 16, 2003 (PDF) Yokum Brook Restoration ... More from this site

Eden Again, Marshland Information - Bibliography
Estuaries, 25: p. 1174-1183. 105. Madon, S.P., G. D. Williams, J. M. West, and J. B. Zedler. 2001. The importance of marsh access to growth ... fishes and crustaceans to restoration of a tidally restricted New England salt marsh. Restoration Ecology, 10(4): p. 665-676. Top 121. Richardson, C.J. and J.K. Huvane. 2001. Everglades Restoration: A Primer. EAA ...

NOAA Restoration Center
Restoration Center works with a wide array of partners to restore mangrove, salt marsh, seagrass, oyster, coral reef, kelp forest, and river habitats. The NOAA Restoration Center: Funds and implements quality restoration ...

NOAA Volunteers, Partners Celebrate Dedication of Salt Marsh
Walker Farm salt marsh is on its way to becoming a healthy, fully functioning salt marsh,” Rauch said. The NOAA Restoration Center Community-based Restoration ...

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