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THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN RIDE The Salton Sea Team "400" news at
Salton Sea Team "400" news at Colorado River News THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN RIDE The Salton Sea Team “400” NEW WORLD RECORD SET ... for a few spurts here and there. That was because the Salton Sea has varying water conditions depending on where you are on ... Beach, Big Bear, Pittsburg, Lake Isabella, and of course the Salton Sea and its director Roland Gaebert and his fine staff. We ...

Salton Sea International Bird Festival
Salton Sea International Bird Festival February 14-16, 2008 • Over 400 recorded species.

March 2008 Online Update: Trucks to Trains, Updated Chronology, Salton Sea Bill, and More
Access the chronology here. New Bill Aims To Govern Salton Sea Restoration Meanwhile Salta Sea Authority Short on Cash As the Salton Sea continues to dry up, a new bill aims to establish ... the possibility of drying up alongside the Sea. "The creation of a Salton Sea Restoration Council would mark an important step forward in organizing Sea restoration efforts--efforts that are necessary to ...

PRBO Conservation Science: Salton Sea Project
Salton Sea and adjacent habitats. Focal Species: All birds Habitat Type: The Salton Sea, shoreline, freshwater wetlands (both natural and created), riparian zones, islands Partners: The Salton Sea Authority, The Salton Sea Science Subcommittee, USFWS - Sonny Bono Salton Sea ...

About the Pacific Institute
Map Site Map Water and Sustainability: Global Water Crisis | Water Efficiency | Water Privatization | Colorado River | Salton Sea | Water and Conflict | Climate Change | The World's Water and the Soft Path Community Strategies ...

Pacific Institute Online Update for June 2005
Salton Sea, [Ontario, Calif.], Michael Cohen will participate in the California DWR Salton Sea Advisory Technical Subcommittee meeting on inflows and variability for Salton Sea inflow projections. 6/15/05 ... . 5/18 to 5/20, Michael Cohen attended the Salton Sea Advisory Committee meeting in Sacramento and the Salton Sea Coalition meetings held later that week. Info on the Advisory ... More from this site

Pacific Institute: Research for People and the Planet
Port of Oakland, Youth Park Surveys, Upcoming Report, and More [8/08/08] Crucial Salton Sea Bill To Be Voted On [7/10/08] Extreme Weather Events Will Increasingly Affect U ... , why don't we get our drinking water by taking the salt out of the sea? Read as Pacific Institute President Peter Gleick discusses desalination on Scientific American's "Ask the ...

California Legislative Update - Fall 2006
Klamath Sacramento/San Joaquin watersheds Coastal LA Santa Ana Salton Sea/ Colorado Other Senator Perata’s bond proposal is not yet in legislation. Bill language is ...

Links to Water Policy Sites
Department of Water and Power Metropolitan Water District Owens Valley Committee Riparian Habitat Joint Venture Salton Sea Southern California Council on Environment and Development (SCCED) Sustainability of semi-Arid Hydrology and Riparian ... / News
Entertainment Live Black Jack to be Offered Soon 10/29: THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN RIDE The Salton Sea Team "400" 23rd IJSBA Dos Equis World Finals 10/11: Pros race Saturday and Sunday ...

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