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Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory - Guide to Birding Hot Spots
Sabino Canyon - T3 Saguaro National Park - T2 San Pedro House - H4 San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area - H4 San Pedro River - H4, H5 San Rafael Grasslands San Xavier del Bac Mission Santa Catalina Mts. ... Yerba Buena (Nogales) S4 Las Cienegas National Conservation Area (Empire-Cienega Ranch) San Rafael Grasslands S5 Santa Rita Mountains S5 Madera Canyon Santa Rita Lodge Florida Wash ...

Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory's Birding Guide: The Santa Rita Mountains & Santa Cruz County
Sonoita Creek Natural Area Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve Paton's feeding station Roadside Rest Area San Rafael Grasslands Vaca Ranch Santa Rita Mountains: Florida Wash Madera Canyon Santa Rita Lodge Santa Cruz ... sight in the grasslands along Hwy 82 and Hwy 83 as you pass through this area. Located south of Hwy 82 and west of the Huachuca Mountains, the San Rafael Grasslands offer prime habitat ... More from this site

Art Institute Exhibits Baldwin Education Building
The collection highlights the delicacy and diversity of Sonoran flora. San Rafael Grasslands by James Godwin Scott Nature: Springboard to Creativity Paintings by James Godwin Scott August 23 ...

The Environmental Forum of Marin - External Links
Resource Renewal Institute: Supports innovative environmental ... for San Francisco North Bay counties Napa, Marin and Sonoma. Marin County Sustainability Team - Sustainable Marin - Sustainable San Rafael ...

EFM Traditional Training Program: Sustainable Earth Forum
Plants of Marin’s Natural Communities A field survey and transect from the San Rafael bayshore, across Mt. Tam to the Pacific Headlands at Muir Beach Introduce some of ... baylands comprise numerous habitats: salt marshes, diked baylands, seasonal wetlands, riparian corridors, adjacent uplands, grasslands, oak woodlands and the bay. Study the baylands as an ecosystem, bringing in energy ... More from this site

Endangered and Threatened Species of the Colorado Plateau States
Pine Forest Montane Chaparral/Scrub Pinyon-Juniper Woodland Mountain Grasslands Semi-arid Grasslands Mountain Wetlands Riparian Areas Paleocommunities Elevational Range Merriam' ... Barneby ridge-cress (=peppercress) (Lepidium barnebyanum) E -- Kodachrome bladderpod (Lesquerella tumulosa) E -- San Rafael cactus (Pediocactus despainii) T -- Siler pincushion cactus (Pediocactus sileri) T -- Winkler ...

Project Wildlife: Living with Deer
Mule deer range in a variety of habitats, including forests, deserts, chaparral, and grasslands with shrubs. Their home range is 90 to 600 acres, depending on the sex. While ... quite expensive and makes the deer dependent upon nonnatural food sources. Nature Education & Wildlife Rehabilitation, San Rafael, CA. Become a Deer Sponsor Only $500 will sponsor a deer. A Deer Sponsor receives ...