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SAVE THE TIGERS Countdown to Extinction In the 1970's we came dangerously close to losing forever one of the world most magnificent creatures. Poaching, deforestation, and human expansion brought all species of tiger to the ... protection groups in the 1970's halted their rapid demise and the global population of tigers in the wild has grown modestly to around 6000 at the turn of the century(1). ...

SAVE THE TIGERS - Subspecies
SAVE THE TIGERS - Subspecies Tiger Subspecies THE TIGER - Panthera tigris Although scientists no longer classify tigers into subspecies, these names are commonly used to describe "races" of tigers from different ... corbett) The smallest and darkest subspecies, Sumatran tigers are reddish and have closely spaced stripes. The males average 250 lbs. About 400-500 remain in the wild, exclusively on the ... More from this site

Kids For Tigers - Saving Tigers - You can save the Tiger
Tigers - Saving Tigers - You can save the Tiger About us | Register with us | Advertise | Fine Print | Contact us | Sitemap Home SAVING TIGERS Threats to Tigers Why Save Tigers? You CAN Save the ...

Save The Tiger Fund | Wild Tiger Conservation
Save The Tiger Fund | Wild Tiger Conservation Contact Us Give Site Map NFWF Tiger conservation needs to account for social pressures on tiger habitat. The World Bank Joins Fight to Save Wild Tigers The ...

Save The Tiger Fund | STF Mission
Asian range in harmony with people. Mission Save The Tiger Fund sponsors effective efforts to stop the killing of wild tigers and to enable wild tigers ... from the world’s biodiversity. In the past ten years, Save The Tiger Fund’s vision has realized remarkable, though hard-earned successes.  Yet the possibility for harmony between humans and tigers ... More from this site

Tigers - Photos, Sounds, and Information
Tigers - Photos, Sounds, and Information You Can Help Tigers Donate to organizations helping tigers. There are many great organizations trying to save tigers and some that rescue tigers (and other animals). Some ... the Carnivore Preservation Trust and Valley of the Kings Sanctuary & Retreat. You can purchase items from the All for TIGERS! Store and 100% of all proceeds will go to help the tigers ...

Tigers Around the Globe,Type of Tigers Around the World,Wild Tiger Types Across Globe
Tigers Project: The Tiger Information Center, supported by Save the Tiger Fund -- a program of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation in partnership with the Exxon Corporation -- provides information to the ...

The Wild Safari Lodge, Corbett | ITWS
The Wild Safari Lodge, Corbett | ITWS Tigers Around the Globe Wild Cats White Tiger Bengal Tiger Wildlife Conservation Eco Tourism Indian Tiger Jungle Lodge The Wild Safari Lodge, Corbett The Wild Safari Lodge, Corbett Located: The ... in campaigning for the park's establishment. In 1973 the park was the first designated reserve of Project Tiger, a nationwide campaign to save the tiger from ... More from this site

Will Asian Governments move fast enough to save the Tiger?
The study, commissioned by the Save The Tiger Fund, had found that although the number of tigers had gone down, Southeast Asia held the ...

Sanctuary Asia : Save the Tiger Campaign
Prime Minister and the Chief Ministers of states in which tigers are found. The many conservationists and large NGOs will also be blamed by the future generation for failing the ...

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