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The Hawk Conservancy Trust - The Birds
Trust. Our owls range from the Ferruginous Pigmy Owl, which is no larger than a well-fed house sparrow, ... span of six feet. There are five different species of British owl, the Tawny, Barn, Long-eared, Short-eared and Little Owls, all ... most beautiful owl is a matter of opinion, but the Great Grey Owl from Scandinavia, the White-faced Scops Owl from Africa and our own indiginous Barn Owl ...

The Raptor Foundation Species List
Owl (Strix leptogrammica) Great Horned-African Spotted Hybrid (Bubo virginianus x Bubo africanus) Asian Collared Scops Owl (Otus bakkamoena) Pearl Spotted Pygmy-Owl (Glaucidium perlatum) Northern Hawk Owl (Surnia ulula) Burrowing Owl ...

The Raptor Foundation August 2005 Newsletter
The population did drop as low as 4000 pairs left in ... Owl 3 6 8 17 Hobby 1 1 Barn Owl 4 1 5 Pearl Spotted Owl 2 2 Northern Scops Owl 1 1 Kestrel 3 4 7 Tawny Owl 6 2 8 Long Eared Owl ... the Raptor Foundation. They are a Lanner Falcon, a Little Owl and a Barn Owl. Luna the Lanner Falcon was born at the beginning of June ... More from this site

Birds of the East Usambara Mountains
Sokoke scops owl Otus ireneae, Usambara eagle-owl Bubo vosseleri, and Tanzanian weaver Ploceus nicolli. Poster by: N.J. Cordeiro © East ...

Appendix Table : Summary checklist of the birds of the Gulf of Guin
R - - -  TYTONIDAE  Barn Owl Tyto alba R - R* -  STRIGIDAE  African Scops Owl Otus senegalensis - - - R*  Príncipe Scops Owl Otus sp. - ? - -  São Tomé Scops Owl O. hartlaubi - - R** -  Fraser's Eagle Owl Bubo poensis R - - -  Wood Owl Strix woodfordii R ...

Gulf of Guinea Islands' Biodiversity Network: Ornithology
In addition, the São Tomé Oriole and São Tomé Scops Owl would become seriously endangered if the remaining primary forest was lost ... Pigeon and supports populations of the Giant Sunbird, São Tomé Scops Owl and São Tomé Oriole. It is also the area most at ... for the São Tomé Scops Owl, São Tomé Thrush and Giant Weaver, species which occur at lower densities elsewhere. The owl and thrush are ... More from this site

Recent records
Jews Gate. March 31 Mar: A single Scops Owl was picked up exhausted in the town. After a short rest the ... A Zitting Cisticola was present on Windmill on the 13th and a Scops Owl was seen at Middle Hill on the night of the 15th. 5 ... including some flocks of House Sparrows and four Yellow Wagtails . The first Scops Owl of the season was trapped and ringed at Jews Gate. 18 Mar: ...

Bird List
Owl Occasional. May breed A STRIGIDAE Owls Otus scops Scops Owl Common migrant. Has bred A Bubo bubo Eagle Owl Recently re-established resident A Athene noctua Little Owl Scarce resident A Strix aluco Tawny Owl ... More from this site

2007 IUCN Red List – 2004 Photo Gallery
Photo © Mandy Heddle. Seychelles Scops-owl (Otus insularis) has been downlisted from Critically Endangered to Endangered because there is new evidence ...

San Diego Zoo's Animal Bytes: Owl
Conservation status: 7 owl species are at critical risk, including forest owlet Heterogalux blewitti, Christmas Island hawk owl Ninox natalis, and Siau scops-owl Otus siaoensis Fun facts • Even the ... Eyes Have It, The Power of Wind Sound Byte: Listen to a great horned owl! Birds: Owl Range: every continent except Antarctica Habitat: virtually all terrestrial habitats from the Arctic to ...

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