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Andropogon gayanus
India). It is often under-sown in corn, sesame or millet. Seeding rate varies: in Brazil, 5 kg/ha; in Nigeria, 3570 kg/ha, of uncleaned seed ...

Cover Cropping in Potato Production
Eastern European countries. They can be planted soon after cereal harvesting (seeding rate: 10-15 kg/ha) or after early potato harvest. The crucifer is either unfertilized, or ... on the following cereal crop . If crucifers are planted late (late August-early September), heavier seeding rates should be used. If the fall is unusually warm, mowing at flowering stage may ...

Mechanical Weed Control in Cereals
Seeding rate You should increase seeding rate by 10% to compensate for losses during weeding. Moreover, a higher rate of seeding provides better competition against weeds. Although ... with false seeding. Pre-emergence and post-emergence weeding is risky and seldom needed due to the good competitive ability of these crops when the seeding rate is high enough ... More from this site

Bracheria mutica
TDN by 79.2% and CP by 23.3%. When planted by seed, seeding rate is about 24 kg/ha. When propagated by stem cuttings, they are placed about ...

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Key Players in Sustainable Agriculture From: Steve Diver Re: [growingsmallfarms] Cover crop seeding rate questions From: "Joel Gruver" Re: [SANET-MG] Testing a product that reduces ...

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From: Message: VOLUME 3 ISSUE 3 FALL 1993 SEEDING RATES - WHAT'S BEST? What's the seeding rate?, is always one of the first questions asked. It ... PLS pounds would plant 25.9 seeds per square foot. At that seeding rate there would be nearly 17 (16.8) seeds in an area ... 166.75.) To find out how much a mix plants, multiply the seeding rate of the individual grass by the number of seeds per square foot ...

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The St. Louis District of the Corps of Engineers has adopted a switchgrass seeding rate and is promoting it for the revegetation of the levees under their jurisdiction. However, the ... More from this site

Weekly Roberts Agricultural Commodity Report
Strength Index (RSI) ended at 95.26, phenomenal! USDA placed the U.S. corn crop seeding rate at 51% vs. the 77% five-year average and 71% planted this time last year ...

Direct seeding - the natural solution for revegetating arid lands
Syria the water level is falling at a rate of two metres per year (Vesilind 1993). In Texas the ... learn to do the whole process of direct seeding by himself. Then, direct seeding becomes self-sustainable after an initial phase. Other ... direct seeding to stabilise degraded land. Farmers around the field station have been direct seeding since 1991. The numbers of farmers direct seeding ...

Direct seeding by farmers - the natural solution to Sahel's problems
Direct seeding enables farmers to protect their own environment using technologies available ... in direct seeding and survivability tests between 1988-1992. The highest germination rate was 80% for the best treatment of one species. The second best species produced a germination rate ... More from this site

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