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Sepulveda Basin
Sepulveda Basin [ L.A. River Tour Map | L.A. River Connection | Target Science | LA Learning Exchange ] Sepulveda Basin and Dam The Sepulveda dam controls flooding. Located near the intersection of the 101 and 405 Freeways, The dam and basin controls winter flood waters ...

Los Angeles River Tour
There are twelve stopping points along the tour: Headwaters, First Channel, Convergence, Sepulveda Basin, Verdugo Wash, Los Feliz, Frogtown, Arroyo Seco fork, 4th Street Bridge, Rio Hondo ... 't drink the water! NEW! River Water Test Results! [ Headwaters | First Channel | Convergence | Sepulveda Basin | Verdugo Wash | Los Feliz | Frogtown | Arroyo Seco | 4th St. Bridge | Rio Hondo | Lower River ... More from this site

Los Angeles River Campaign Kickoff; April 14, 2005
Sepulveda Basin. Click on any of the panels above for a larger view. Over 200 people attended ...

IRWMP Drafts
Wetlands, Reseda Park, Rio Vista Blufftop Los Angeles River Appendix E Part 7 River Glen, Sepulveda Basin Wetlands, Sheldon Pit, Silver Lake Res Replacement, Strathern Pit, Sun Val MiddleSchool, Sun Valley Powerline ... More from this site

Source Cleanup - Charnock MTBE Cleanup Project - Region 9 - EPA
Venice and Sepulveda. Demolition of Service Station at Venice and Sepulveda Soil excavation by pattern drilling at the intersection of Washington and Sepulveda. Groundwater Cleanup The ... systems operated or under construction within the Charnock Sub-basin: Groundwater treatment system at the intersection of Venice and Sepulveda. Groundwater treatment system at Tuller Avenue near Venice ...

Regional Cleanup | Region 9: Charnock MTBE Cleanup | US EPA
MTBE Cleanup Project Regional Cleanup Regional Cleanup The approach to restoration of the Charnock Sub-basin groundwater for use as drinking water involves cleanup of groundwater and soil at the ... around the Venice and Sepulveda intersection. In December 2003, the City of Santa Monica and some of the companies responsible for the MTBE contamination of the Charnock Sub-Basin received court approval ... More from this site

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