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Save the Sequoias
Park Service, which manages adjacent Sequoia National Park, has avoided logging as a management technique, using prescribed fire to maintain its sequoia groves very successfully. Fire ecologists and other ... the Act to Save America’s Forests, a bill that will protect the sequoia groves in Giant Sequoia National Monument from ecologically disastrous logging and mismanagement by the U.S. Forest ...

Cal NF page 1
Klamath National Forest to the giant sequoia groves of Sequoia National Forest, from the bristlecone pines of Inyo to the coast redwoods in Los ... More from this site

NABA Biennial Meeting
Kernville, are found the Chimney Peak National Backcountry Byway, Giant Sequoia National Monument, Greenhorn Mountains, Kern Plateau, Sequoia National Forest, South Fork Valley, and Upper Kern River Canyon ... each other: chaparral, cliffs and rocky hillsides, dry and wet mountain meadows, Giant Sequoia groves, grasslands and pastures, Joshua tree woodland, marshes, mixed conifer and fir forest, pinyon ...

John Muir Project - News & Press Room - The Administration Can't See the Forest for the Sequoias
President Bill Clinton issued a proclamation establishing the Giant Sequoia National Monument east of Bakersfield, ensuring that the giant sequoia groves and their surrounding ecosystems would be forever protected, ... Nevada range. This plan to "save" the Giant Sequoia National Monument by allowing logging corporations to clear-cut within sequoia groves and remove big trees is more than a ...

Weekend Getaways - National Geographic Adventure Magazine
May >> April >> March >> February >> January >> November >> October >> September >> WEST Camp Like a King, California The Sequoia High Sierra Camp, set at 8,282 feet (2,524 meters) overlooking Kings Canyon ... that starts at Lodgepole, in Sequoia National Park. The tents, shaded by red fir, have plush mattresses and down pillows, and sit within hiking range of seven sequoia groves. Hike to Luxury, ...

National Geographic Adventure Mag: Great Parks 2005 Great Parks Tours: The Sierra Skyway
Service | Subscribe June/July 2005 Great Parks 2005 The Sierra Skyway Yosemite National Park and Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. By Jim Gorman Click to Enlarge With so much sprawling ... -It-Yourself: Running through the heart of Sequoia and Kings Canyon, the Great Western Divide is a granite battlement that separates the lower-altitude sequoia groves from the High Sierra. To breech the ... More from this site

Act Summary and Fact Sheet
Forest Service. The Giant Sequoia National Monument has more acres of Sequoia groves than are contained in Sequoia, Kings Canyon, Yosemite, and Calaveras Big Tree, which are the ... even in the groves of the Giant Sequoias! Therefore, this new (2005) version of the Act to Save America's Forests will transfer control of the Giant Sequoia National Monument from the ...

Destruction of America's Last Wild Forests
The sequoia grows naturally in stands of trees with many other species, such as Ponderosa pine and Douglas fir. Logging within the sequoia groves threatens the existence of the sequoia. It exposes the trees to the full force of the wind and kills the intertwining root systems that help keep the sequoia standing. ... More from this site

Chronology of the Life and Legacy of John Muir - from his birth to the present day (1914-2002) - John Muir Exhibit
Sequoia National Park, and sees the establishment of Sequoia National Park, and corresponds with George Stewart, known as the Father of Sequoia National Park. Muir's father ... the time to have effectively completed John Muir's dream of preserving all the Giant Sequoia Groves throughout their range, from the Kings River to the Kern River of the southern Sierra ...

NABA Biennial Meeting
JUNE 27-29) (choose three) A. GIANT SEQUOIA NATIONAL MONUMENT - The Giant Sequoia National Monument has more Giant Sequoia Groves than Kings Canyon National Park, Sequoia National Park, and Yosemite National Park combined ... FIELD TRIPS (MONDAY-THURSDAY, JUNE 30-JULY 3) (choose any number) PO1: GIANT SEQUOIA NATIONAL MONUMENT (SOUTH) BUTTERFLY COUNT (MONDAY, JUNE 30) - This count covers a fifteen ...

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