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ENB activities
Implementation of the Convention to Combat Desertification September, Buenos Aires, Argentina 5th Session of the Intergovernmental Forum on Chemical Safety 24-29 September 2006, Budapest, Hungary ... the Berlin Mandate and Subsidiary Bodies to the Framework Convention on Climate Change (SBI, Article 13, and SBSTA); The World Summit on Sustainable Development, all four preparatory meetings, and ...

ENB @ UNFCCC SB-20, Bonn, Germany, 16-25 June 2004
Above photo: SBSTA Chair Abdullatif Benrageb (Libya) gaveled the session to a close at 1:40 pm Above photo: Closing SBSTA dais . SBI CLOSING PLENARY: Above photo: Goodbyes during the closing session of SBI. Above photo: Bird's eye view of the SBI ... More from this site

ENB vol. 12 - The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
SBI) Volume 12 Number 99 10th Session SBSTA & SBI May 31, 1999 Bonn, Germany TEXT HTML Volume 12 Number 100 10th Session SBSTA & SBI June 01, 1999 Bonn, Germany TEXT HTML Volume 12 Number 101 10th Session SBSTA & SBI ...

ENB @ SB-22
Friday, when SBSTA Chair Abdullatif Salem Benrageb of Libya gaveled the final meeting to a close after delegates had adopted the SBSTA report of the session. SBSTA addressed issues relating to ... as a ``landmark'' event. UNFCCC Executive Secretary Joke Waller-Hunter Janos Pasztor (left), SBI Coordinator and SBI Chair Thomas Becker Regarding the Budget: Jamaica, for the G-77/China, noted ... More from this site

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