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Terms Beginning With "I"
Imhoff Cone: A clear, cone-shaped container used to measure the volume of settleable solids in a specific volume of water. Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health (IDLH): The maximum ...

Hydro International Combined Sewer Overflow
TSS, BOD and COD ... costs when compared to conventional solutions. 100% removal of 6 mm in 2 direction solids including floatables, gross solids and neutrally buoyant material. Removes up to 95% of grit and sediments. ...

Downstream Defender Advanced Vortex Separator Stormwater Treatment System - Performance
Because sediment and oil storage areas are outside the main flow path through the unit, previously collected solids, oil and ... the flow rates build up, therefore with a correctly sized unit, the vast majority of solids and hydrocarbons can be removed within the unit. Downstream Defender® Design Chart Model Number ... More from this site

Oil Water Separators
If emulsified or dissolved oils are present in the waste water additional ... separator must have sufficient space for storage of some settleable solids. The same process which causes the oil to rise and separate will cause solids to fall. What Makes Hydro Quip's Oil ...

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Hydraulic Gradient The surface slope of a liquid in a pipeline. This is generally ... shaft rotates to biologically treat the sewage. Secondary Settlement tank A tank in which settleable solids or humus is separated from the effluent flowing through it, from biological filters or ...

MicroSepTec - Homeowners - Conventional vs. MicroSepTec
There, solids settle out and grease and scum float to the top. The septic tank separates and retains settleable and floatable solids suspended in the raw wastewater. Settleable solids settle to the bottom to form a sludge layer. Grease and other light materials float to the top to form a scum layer. The removed solids ...

MicroSepTec - Homeowners - Glossary of Terms
Clarifiers: Settling tanks that typically remove settleable solids by gravity. Construction permit: A permit issued or authorized by the regulatory ... other final treatment unit or process before final dissemination into the receiving environment. Settleable solids: Matter in wastewater that will not stay in suspension during a designated settling ... More from this site

A Brief History of Perdido Bay
St. Regis Paper Company....All settleable solids be removed." (7) "St. Regis Paper Company in cooperation with the Florida Department of Air ...

All settleable solids be removed. 2) The St. Regis Paper Company remove the ... carbon is found in the suspended solids which IP is discharging. The 1970 report which recommends that all settleable solids be removed has been ignored. ... Why? It costs the paper mill too much to remove these solids, so they are going to use Perdido Bay as their settling ... More from this site

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