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Amazon Conservation Team: About the Amazon Conservation Team
ACT has further developed and consolidated our original flagship project, the Shamans and Apprentices Program, to prevent the disappearance of traditional knowledge by encouraging young apprentices to learn from elder shamans and ...

Amazon Conservation Team: Projects
Culture, Biodiversity, and Health. Some of the ways in which we achieve these goals are the institution of Shamans and Apprentices programs, support for comprehensive participatory mapping projects, and ... More from this site

Making a Living in the Rainforest
And always no matter where I am, there is time to explore the jungle and it's many plants with the medicine men, shamans and their entourage of helpers and apprentices. Sometimes you have to climb to the top of a 10 story street just to have a view like this! Poking your head out of the top of the canopy and ...

Travel Books and Travelogues - National Geographic Traveler Highlights the Best Travel Writing
As Plotkin gains acceptance into these reclusive tribes, he learns about much more than just their herbal cures, but also their poisons, psychedelics, and endangered way ...

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