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Shark Conservation and Ecology
Since many sharks travel long distances, crossing oceans and national boundaries, they are susceptible to the unregulated fishing efforts of multiple nations. Consequently, shark ... about the health of shark populations and an urgent need for effective conservation and management. Shark DNA Forensics and Fin Trade Research Shark Movements Research Elasmobranch Reproduction ...

Shark DNA Forensics and Fin Trade Research
Shark DNA Forensics and Fin Trade Research Shark DNA Forensics and Fin Trade Research Photo: S. Clarke Photo: D. Perrine/Innerspace Visions The increasing demand for shark products, especially shark fins ... -based forensic techniques and markers to rapidly identify shark carcasses, dried shark fins, and other products obtained from shark fisheries and fin markets. Using these forensic approaches ... More from this site

Ocean Alliance - VOYAGE OF THE ODYSSEY - WWF Global 200
Heavy demand for certain marine products, such as sea cucumbers and shark fins, has led to overfishing, which in turn has caused declines in marine populations that may ...

Florida Museum of Natural History Ichthyology Department
Shark Found In Australian Pool July 11, 2008 Lake's Nessie The Shark: A Lot Of Bull? July 10, 2008 Great White Shark 'In Lake' July 9, 2008 House Moves To Keep Shark Fins ... Shark May 11, 2008 Sharks Ruled Southern US Waters During Dino Age May 11, 2008 Shark Fins Consumption On The Rise May 11, 2008 Health Alert Over Shark Fin May 9, 2008 U.S. Shark ...

GHRI Research In The News
Fins on Sharks Conservation Magazine: First Practical Test for Monitoring Shark Trade Discovery Canada: Sharks: Under the fin's skin! New Scientist: Test to Monitor Fin Trade South China Morning Post: Shark Fins out ... . Click to download the free Realplayer. Photo credits: (Southern stingray and Blue marlin) Guy Harvey; (Shark fins) S. - anti-Shark Fin Soup campaign led by WildAid
At the same time, the WildAid literature says the market for shark fins is threatening poor fishermen from impoverished fishing villages throughout the world who depend upon shark meat ... - anti-Shark Fin Soup campaign led by WildAid
It strains the imagination to believe that destitute shark fishermen in these nations would seek only "cheap" meat and not sell valuable fins of sharks to supplement ... More from this site

Great White Shark: Outlook
Great white shark numbers appear to be declining. Although legally protected in Australia, the ... making it the most widely protected shark or ray in the world - legal protection doesn't stop illegal shark finning or trade. WildAID is ... Shivji's study used DNA to prove that small-sized white shark fins were indeed sold on the market. One study Shivji worked ...

The Walking Shark - It's Nature
The walking shark moves by propelling itself with its fins ... shark off the coast of Indonesia that can walk on its fins ...

basking shark
The basking shark is the UK's largest fish, reaching 11m in length, yet very little is known about it. Due to its oil rich liver and large fins, the basking shark has been the target of many historical fisheries which caused its decline through the 1900s. View basking shark ... protection wildlife protection sightings basking shark coral reef campaign fanshell survey ...

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