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ESB: Simplicity Slashes Cost Simplicity Slashes Cost Only about 55 percent of American households qualify as “traditional nuclear families” with a mother, ... framing using 12 to 18 ft. studs exterior walls drywalled before interior walls are framed. Simplicity saves material, but it also cuts labor costs. Bill’s crew consists of one “master ...

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Panel House Demonstrates Building Innovations Natural Habitat Environmentally Responsible House Requires Thoughtful Choices Simplicity Slashes Cost Balloon Framing Key to this Advanced Energy Package Story-and-a-Half ... With Fiberglass Batts Insulating the Rim Joist Perimeter Slab Insulation Study Says Polyisocyanurate Cost-effective Foundation Vision Strip is an Energy Loser Whole-Wall R-value ... More from this site

Sustainable Agriculture Newsletter, Volume 3, Issue 7, July 1995
Actual farm payments in 1987 were $9,646 ... administering the program should be less than now because of its simplicity, Peterson says. His article, Farm Programs and the Environment: The ... in favor of a single farm income safety net, which slashes budget obligations and removes these programs from the entitlement category ...