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Welcome to Ecocomposite
Ecocomposites have been used for thousands of years, including such things as sinew backed bows, birch bark canoes, snowshoes, and straw/clay buildings. Modern work on ecocomposites has increased in ...

Ecocomposite: Sinew-backed Bows
Sinew-backed Bows By David A. Bainbridge Associate Professor United States International College of Business Alliant International University San Diego, CA 92131 There are typically two or three layers in sinew backed bows: sinew ... cast. Sinew backed bows have lofted arrows more than 600 meters (yards) in the U.S. and Turkish sinew and horn flight bows have reached over 820 meters (900 yards). Sinew ... More from this site

Helluland/Markland Archeology
Their Asian-style sinew-backed bows would have made them dangerous adversaries for the Norse as well. Skraeling Island [Enlarge] Archeology ...

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