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Roofing Industry Moves to Recycled and Energy Saving Products
EcoStar's Majestic Slate Tile, a 100 percent recycled lightweight rubber slate tile. One of the first facilities to try Majestic Slate Tile was the Pennsylvania Resource Council (PRC) building. ... in the rubber slate tile. It is a sustainable building product that looks great and weighs considerably less. It meets their needs on multiple levels. The Majestic Slate Tile meets all ...

DayCreek Journal - February 23, 2003
I really liked the idea of building one from scratch using slate tile but after hearing horror stories regarding water stains, mold and water leaks we decided against ...

Listservs Cornell Center for Environment Lake Michigan Monitoring More P2 ListServs Law Lists Info Tile.Net Searchable All Topics Database EPA R&D ListServes Harvard University Environmental ListServes ... Review TCS Enviro-Sci Sean Liberal News Sources Public Citizen Common Dreams Democratic Underground The American Prospect ...

IMPLEMENTATION ISSUES FINANCING: Available. PUBLIC ACCEPTANCE: Most people prefer shingle, tile, or slate roof materials; metal shingles are available as an option to metal sheet materials. REGULATORY: ... per sq. for steel, Class A rating, 25 yr. warranty ,the look of shake, slate, or tile, (4) Kynar 500 colors Local Dealer: Pan Am Distributing, (512) 836-1531 Perfect ...

Sourcebook: Construction Waste
Salvage usable bricks, blocks, slate shingles, tile and other masonry materials from remodeling and construction. Store for future jobs or divert to ... More from this site

straw-bale building
Roofs can be slate, tile, corrugated metal or bitumen, shingle or thatch. Floors can be concrete, earth or floorboards on ...

Reclaimed Building Supply - Warks
Reclaimed Building Supply - Warks RBS Home Advertise on this site Suppliers by County UK Map Contact us 11 Ashwood, Warlingham, Surrey. CR6 9HT.

Green Building Roofing Materials - Cement Fiber, Vegetated Roofing, Clay, Lead-Free Metal, Rubber Roofing, Certified Wood Roofing, Slate
Green Home Building Roofing Materials Clay Tile Fiber Cement Green (Vegetated) Lead-Free Metal Rubber Slate Wood Exterior Wall Siding Brick ... by up to 50%. Clay Tile Fiber Cement Green (Vegetated) Lead-Free Metal Rubber Slate Wood Clay Tile RoofingCSI Division: 073213 | Residential Category ... . It can be colored and shaped to look like slate, wood or tile. What Makes It A Green Product Fiber-cement is ...

Manufacturers | | Ceramic--Tile
Equipment Trucks Wallboard, Paneling, Tile & Ceilings Windows, Skylights & Sunrooms Ceramic--Tile View All 69 Ceramic--Tile Manufacturers Ceramic floor tile--Search and compare ceramic tile Brought to you by News From Our Editors Cimmaron Glazed Porcelain Tile Source: BUILDING PRODUCTS Magazine 9/7/2007 Cimmaron glazed porcelain tile features all of the characteristics of honed slate ...

Manufacturers | | Slate Shingles--Synthetic
Slate Shingles--Synthetic View All 21 Slate Shingles--Synthetic Manufacturers Brought to you by InSpire Roofing Products News From Our Editors Centennial Slate Roofing Tile Source: 2/14/2008 Centennial slate roofing tile ... More from this site

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