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Coalition For Clean Air
Call on State to Reduce Toxics and Smog-forming Emissions from Cleaning Products Consumer products, including cleaning products, are expected to be the largest source of smog-forming emissions in the state by 2020 ... Non-Smog Forming Systems (Oct. 6, 2007) – Many dry cleaners in the South Coast Air Quality Management District’s region will be able to switch to non-toxic, non-smog-forming systems ...

State Puts a Deadline on Old, Dirty Diesel Trucks at Ports and Rail Yards
Smog forming emissions will be reduced by 62% by 2014. Under the rule, all pre-1994 truck ... main difference this morning was that the sky was a backdrop of rainclouds rather than smog. “This rule may not solve the traffic jam, but it’s going to make ... More from this site

GreenTruck: Fleet Owner Article [Fuel for Thought]
(NOx) and 97,000 tons of carbon monoxide to the air. The Maintenance ...

Green Truck: Fleet Owner Article [Easing the burden]
(NOx) and particulate matter (PM) each year. Consequently, regulations to decrease air pollution ... More from this site

Plain English Guide To The Clean Air Act
Often, wind blows smog-forming pollutants away from their sources. The smog-forming reactions take place while the pollutants are ... the wind. This explains why smog is often more severe miles away from the source of smog-forming pollutants than it is at the source. The smog-forming pollutants literally cook in the ...

Clean Air Online - Home
Map Quick Search Enter Text: Clean Air Day - Wednesday June 4, 2008 Pollution Issues Smog Acid Rain Transboundary Flow of Pollutants Indoor Air Pollution Pollution Sources Burning of Fossil ... Vehicles Voluntary vehicle scrappage programs are designed to improve air quality and help reduce smog-forming gas emissions by permanently removing older, high-emitting vehicles from our roads.Find out ...

Chemicals in Home a Big Smog Source
Regulators have long known that smog-forming chemicals escape with every squirt of antiperspirant, each bubble of detergent and every spritz ... in California. Across the L.A. region, household chemicals produce nearly three times more smog-forming compounds than all of the factories in the area and five times more than ...

DayCreek Journal - Prius Review
Technology - Super Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle - Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle. The Prius produces 90% fewer smog-forming pollutants (NO x and hydrocarbons) and 50% fewer heat-trapping greenhouse gases (CO 2 ) than ...

California Fuel Cell Partnership
This is true for smog-forming pollutants, particulate matter and carbon dioxide. When producing hydrogen by electrolysis using electricity from the ...

Where Does Hydrogen Come From?
However, it is not found alone in nature. Instead, it bonds readily with other elements, forming commonly known molecules, such as water, and a host of substances like gasoline, natural gas ... , the net effect in the “well-to-wheels” cycle is a significant reduction in smog-forming pollutants and at least a 40% reduction in CO 2 and other greenhouse gas emissions ... More from this site

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