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Mombasa, north to the Boni Forest near the Somali border. Elephant-shrews are so named because they superficially resemble large shrews with long flexible snouts ... and population size of the golden-rumped elephant shrew in Boni Forest on the Kenya/Somali border. The golden-rumped elephant shrew is one of the largest species of elephant shrew. It ...

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Kenema district. See Complex Emergencies 17 May 2003 (WFP) UNHCR reported that thousands of Somali refugees at Dadaab in northeastern Kenya have been left homeless after heavy rains destroyed ... in shelters and evacuation zones with food, water and medicine. 180 Colombians crossed the Ecuadorian border last week due to the latest armed confrontations in southern Putumayo and sought refuge ... / In depth / War & peace
Portuguese (415)Abkhazian (190)German (171)Bosnian (59)Serbian (20)Dutch (14)Esperanto (12)Somali (9)Galician (5)Icelandic (3)Tegulu (2)Amharic (2)Fiji (2)Malayalam (2)Punjabi (1 ... than four decades, coinciding with the Bangla new year. The two countries had suspended cross-border passenger rail service after the 1965 Indo-Pak war. Story link Related topics/regions: [South ... / In depth / Europe / Eastern Europe / Russian Federation - Full Coverage: Russian Federation
Portuguese (415)Abkhazian (190)German (171)Bosnian (59)Serbian (20)Dutch (14)Esperanto (12)Somali (9)Galician (5)Icelandic (3)Tegulu (2)Amharic (2)Fiji (2)Malayalam (2)Punjabi (1 ... ] [Freedom of expression] [Civil society] Image: Presidentti Putin Wildlife Trade Ring Disrupted on Sino-Russian Border 21.02.2008 Key members of a smuggling ring trading tiger skins and bear parts ... More from this site

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Somalia: Cautious Welcome for UN-Brokered Peace Deal (June 10, 2008) Somali opposition leader Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys rejects a UN-backed three-month ceasefire ... Afghanistan to cooperate with the International Narcotics Control Board, urges bordering counties to strengthen border controls, and asks the Secretary General to monitor the implementation of the Resolution by ...

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Baghdad and just 35 miles from the Iranian border. A contract costing around US$10 million has updated the ôstrategic ... come as no surprise: "the camp's location near the Iranian border means the US military officers have had their eye on Camp ... However, in 1991, Somiland seceded in an attempt to escape the Somali dictator Siad Barre. It became a pro-Western Islamic democracy with ... More from this site

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