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Everest 2008: Summitclimb Mt Everest / Lhotse : Mike down to South Col with 4 Sherpas
Mike down to South Col with 4 Sherpas Update from the Team: At 4:00 am this morning we heard that Mike is on the South Col with ... to the south col at 4:30 pm. We congratulate them. Mike Browder, Pasang (2) Sherpa, and Lakpa (2) Sherpa are camped on the South Col now ... to the South Col. I just spoke to them on the radio. They are doing fine and looking forward to reaching the South Col. Tomorrow they ...

Everest 2008: Alpine Ascents Everest Everyone is Down to the South Col
Everest Everyone is Down to the South Col May 24, 1:00pm Everyone is Down to the South Col 5/24/2008 This will be the final message from Everest for today because we just got word that everyone is safe back at the South Col ... to climb from the South Col to the Balcony, and another four hours to reach the South Summit. From just below the South Summit it took ... More from this site

Online edition of India: The Hindu
Rs.25,000. His next mission: next year's Speed Everest Ascent via South Col Route by the Asian Trekking International. "If I get sponsorship, I will be able to ...

South Pillar was abandoned due to extreme steepness and very bad ice conditions. Instead the normal route was chosen. At the end of April, Reinhold was already at the South Col ... Peter and Reinhold was ready for the final push from the South Col. Peter was unsure about dong the climb at all, ... summit back down. By the time Reinhold reached the South Col, his eyes where in a terribly pain. All filming ...

Everest - Mount Everest by climbers, news
Summits Club summits - troubling descent  Jun 2, 2005 Everest South: Valencia team turns back - Oxygen failures again  Jun 2, 2005 Everest South Col: Alpine Ascents climbers back in C4  Jun 2, 2005 ...  May 31, 2005 It's another Everest summit - from the South  May 31, 2005 Exploradus Everest - a windy night at the South Col  May 31, 2005 Czech Hornbein Couloir - it's over & ...

Everest - Mount Everest by climbers, news
South Col route. Devoted to sports, Cato won 11 gold medals in the Olympics for the disabled in 1980, 1984 and 1988. In 1994, he skied to the South ... to achieve the Seven Summits. She will climb the South Col route. Meagan expedition’s website: Mostafa ... – Everest south side EXPEDITION ONGOING Dan himself is leading the SummitClimb team on the peak’s South Col route. ... More from this site

National Geographic Adventure Mag.: Audio Interviews With Everest Climbers
Beck Weathers, 56 Dallas, Texas Twice abandoned and presumed dead on the South Col, a bludgeoned Beck Weathersstricken with severe frostbite, corneal lacerations, and hypothermiawas hauled down ...

National Geographic Adventure Mag.: Excerpts--May 2003
And the surest way to the top was the South Col. Once that was accomplished, he said, he was all for taking ... far as to advocate dumping the South Col route, others agreeing with Dyhrenfurth. Whittaker, as it happened, was a South Col man. Hornbein, in his own ... in Chile. We were in the lower portion of South America, at about 46 south latitude. The float plane was flying at about 2, ... More from this site

Hawaiian Astronomical Society - Columba
Images 90k JPEG NGC1851 (Bennett 32, Caldwell 73) in south-west Columba is one of Dreyer's remarkable objects. A globular ... A number of mag 14-15 galaxies shine to the west and south. From the Digital Sky Survey. Map Printable Map 64k JPEG NGC1792 (Bennett ... near the western border of Columba with Caelum. It lies 2.5 south of Gamma 1 Caeli. Dreyer describes it as very bright (mag. 10 ...

The Thylacine Museum - Foreword by Col Bailey
Zoology - University of Heidelberg, Germany), Michael Archer (Dean of Science - University of New South Wales), Dr. Stephen Sleightholme (International Thylacine Specimen Database Project) and other highly reputable ... 's most precious top order marsupial carnivore, to fully achieve their aspirations. Col Bailey, Tasmanian Tiger Research & Data Centre New Norfolk, Tasmania . . Website copyright C. ...

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