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ASM | Mammals of Illinois
N or S. Southeastern myotis Myotis austroriparius endangered southern tip 332 hibernating individuals are easily disturbed Gray myotis Myotis grisescens endangered southwest ... Ermine Mustela erminea possible occurrence 588(P), 1051 195 may occasionally wander in from southern Wisconsin Long-tailed weasel Mustela frenata uncommon statewide 1348 570 this is the most ...

The Ozaukee Washington Land Trust
National Register of Historic Places and is one of Wisconsin's most recognizable and spectacular sight. Protection of scenic views to and from the monastery ... bogs are abundant in the northern part of the state, they were never common in southern Wisconsin. In fact, undisturbed examples of these wetlands are now extremely rare because most have been ...

The Ozaukee Washington Land Trust
Wisconsin. In fact, undisturbed examples of these wetlands are now ... tract, including the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Ducks Unlimited and Wings over Wisconsin-Ozaukee County ... one of only about 12 known sites in southeast Wisconsin. On the southern edge of the site is a 15-acre lowland ... More from this site

NLI has protected, managed, and restored more than twelve thousand acres throughout Illinois and southern Wisconsin. These include prairies, forests, wetlands, and river corridors. Serving as a regional land trust, the ...

NLI Products Page
Natural Land Institute have worked together to protect the natural heritage of Illinois and southern Wisconsin. As a not-for-profit land preservation organization, the Institute has attained recognition, respect, and ... More from this site

Natural Heritage Land Trust - Supporters
June 30, 2007: $75,000+ Wisconsin Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program $50,000+ Eugenie Mayer Bolz Family Foundation $10,000+ Madison Community Foundation, Walter A. & Jean Meanwell, Southern Wisconsin Chapter Waterfowl USA Limited, Frank ...

Butterfly Sightings - North American Butterfly Association
Tawny-edged Skipper (1) Common Roadside-Skipper (3) Iowa and Grant Cos., WI (Southern Wisconsin Butterfly Assoc. Field Trip: 14 participants) August 9, 2008 Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (3) ... (1) Clouded Sulphur (9) American Copper (2) Coral Hairstreak (18) Marine Blue (1)(2nd Wisconsin record) Eastern Tailed-Blue (9) Great Spangled Fritillary (8) Aphrodite Fritillary (5) Regal Fritillary ...

Butterfly Club Local Chapters - North American Butterfly Association
Web site: Wisconsin NABA-Southern Wisconsin Butterfly Association Joan Braune - President E-mail: Karl Legler - Vice-President ... More from this site

WDNR - Chronic Wasting Disease in Wisconsin
West Nile Virus Wildlife Rehabilitation Hunting Chronic Wasting Disease in Wisconsin How can we improve the CWD in Wisconsin web pages? Make your suggestions here. New CWD Positive ... in Southern Wisconsin Contact Information For answers to questions relating to CWD in Wisconsin, email Wildlife Health. Questions for Wildlife Management The Official Internet Site for the Wisconsin ...

WDNR - Wisconsin Natural Resources Board
State Senate. Three members each must be selected from the northern and southern portions of the state and one member serves at large. Terms expire on May ... and public appearances at its meetings in accordance with published guidelines. Related Sites Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle Wisconsin State Legislature Search for a specific rule Contact Information General DNR Questions ... More from this site

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