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These are: the temporal and spatial scales of depletion and renewability. Is the stock of the resource being used up quickly or ...

guidelines for class discussion
More specifically, we examine each resource on four dimensions: 1) the temporal and spatial scales of depletion and renewability; 2) the issues of valuation of the resource and its components ... More from this site

Appalachian Mountains chapter for Conservation International book on Wilderness
(Duffy & Meier 1992; Meier et al. 1995). The ...

Futurewater - Methods: Downscaling
Spatial scales are often in the range of hundreds of kilometers, with temporal resolutions of a month. Methods Sustainable water resources planning requires smaller scales of climate change projections ...

Summer Symposium
Conservation Science”, was developed with topics chosen to challenge preconceptions about appropriate temporal and spatial scales for conservation-related research and planning, to consider risk assessment and economic factors, to explore ...

PSGP: Puget Sound Environmental Organizations
US NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Deeply committed to spreading the unique ...

PSGP: Puget Sound Environmental Organizations
US NASA Global Change Master Directory a comprehensive directory of information about Earth ... More from this site

13th World Clean Air and Environmental Protection Congress and Exhibition, London, UK, August 22 - 27, 2004
... of these critical issues and will illustrate the distribution of pollution from local to global spatial scales; the historical and future trends of the major pollutants and the impacts on the environment ...

Futurewater - Expertise: water for food
Our approach is to study the balance between water demand and supply at different spatial scales from river basin to field level and to suggest courses of action w hich will ...

Futurewater - About us: Dr. Peter Droogers
Management Institute, and FutureWater. Peter is an expert on integrated water resources management at different spatial scales with emphasize on using simulation modeling in combination with data mining. Peter is part-time ... More from this site

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