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How you can help salmon
Adopt-a-Park program. Volunteer Salmon Watch Program Watch streams in King and Snohomish Counties for spawning salmon. Help shape salmon recovery plans: You're a watershed resident Help develop the Salmon Conservation ...

Sims, Phillips encouraged by federal announcement regarding salmon ESA listings, hatchery policy
NOAA also said hatchery fish that are closely related to naturally spawning salmon will be considered in all of the current ESA-listed salmon groups. “At the end of the day, we want to see healthy wild salmon runs sustained by ... More from this site

Gold Seal - Salmon Education Centre
A salmon's diet depends on the species and region, but typically juvenile salmon eat zooplankton, and larval and adult invertebrates. In the ocean, salmon ...

Gold Seal - Alaska Salmon: Wild, Sustainable, Pure
Salmon spawn only once in their lives. Salmon return to their natal stream to spawn, passing through enclosed bays and shallow water, on their way to the upriver spawning grounds. Alaska’s fishery managers take advantage of the anadromous behavior of salmon. They observe ... is to ensure that sufficient numbers of adult spawning salmon escape capture in the fishery in the ocean ... More from this site

Spirit of the Salmon Fund
Visitors were able to see spawning salmon in the Sandy River which runs through the park. There was always a tribal presence, mainly in the form of dancing and salmon ... taught them about making bows and arrows, told them stories and tribal language, and demonstrated salmon cooking techniques. Nez Perce Appaloosa horses were present, adding to the feeling of a ...

The SALMON Economy "Great Canadian Rivers"
Salmon Treaty, a conservation-based approach to the management of the Pacific salmon fisheries, and a more equitable sharing of salmon catches between the two countries. Pacific Salmon Industry Timeline Pre-1800: Salmon ... industry amounts to 50-80% of spawning salmon. 1906: Smith Butchering Machine, by Seattle inventor Edmund A. Smith, automates salmon gutting and cleaning process, rendering ...

Salmon Harvest and Hatcheries
Artificial propagation, especially the use of production hatcheries, has been a prominent feature of Pacific salmon ...

One World Journeys | Salmon: Spirit of the Land and Sea
The annual pilgrimage of the wild salmon to spawning ... email during the live expedition with your questions about salmon. Discover how the salmon embodies the spirit of land and sea in ... river ecology, the salmon lifecycle, and environmental conservation. Visit the "Learn and Explore" Section of the Salmon site now. Explore ...

Salmon: Spirit of the Land and Sea
Because of the abundance of salmon and its rich, oily flesh, coastal brown bears can weigh up to 1,500 pounds. ©Natalie Fobes A salmon dressed in spawning colors swims by a decomposing fish in an Alaskan lake. All Pacific salmon die after spawning, their bodies used up by the exertion of migration and procreation. Salmon don ... More from this site

Canadian Wild Atlantic Salmon at Risk
United States have been placed on the endangered species list. In the Northeast United States fewer than 50 wild Atlantic salmon returned this year to the eight spawning rivers that still have natural wild Atlantic salmon runs. The wild Atlantic salmon populations of the Dennys, Machias, ...

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