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Two new Amazon monkey species discovered
Two new Amazon monkey species discovered 23 June 2002 Two new Amazon monkey species announced By MICHAEL ASTOR, Associated Press RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (June 23, 2002 2:32 ... fourth and fifth new species described by Van Roosmalen, who says he has discovered another 20 unnamed species in the same central-Amazon region. There are 310 known monkey species in the world and ...

New monkey species discovered: the highland mangabey
Source: CNN Date: 19 May 2005 New monkey species found WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- Two separate teams of researchers working hundreds of miles apart have discovered a new species ... More from this site

ECO-PROS Biodiversity - Species
Endangered Species (Eco-Pros Endangered Species page) NEW SPECIES DISCOVERED! Finding a world of surprises in unexplored places "Sunken Treasure of New Species Found" (MSNBC, ... species discovered there in over 100 years." (Center for Biodiversity Conservation and American Museum of Natural History, 1/29/03) Scientists Find New Coral Species "Scientists have discovered a new species ... Reptiles and Amphibians
Vietnam A new species of snake, a white-lipped keelback, is among a variety of new species discovered in Vietnam's Annamite mountain range. (News source.) Labels: new species, snakes posted by ... in the Khandadhar hills. Other rare species have been discovered in the region, including a new species of Boiga (cat-eyed snake). (News source.) Labels: lizard, new species posted by Chad Arment @ 10: ...

The Bottlenose Dolphin is an inshore species. More recently, a pelagic species has been discovered. The Bottlenose Dolphin are known to ride the surf and have been ... National Marine Fishery Service now has the Harbor Porpoise listed as a "threatened" species in U.S. waters. This species can be easily recognized by its small size, triangular dorsal fin, and ...

Arkansas's Rare Species: Resources related to Arkansas natural heritage, conservancy programs, MAWPT, biodiversity, Louisiana Purchase
The remaining populations are scattered across Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, and West Virginia. Discovered ...

Arkansas's Rare Species: Resources related to Arkansas natural heritage, conservancy programs, MAWPT, biodiversity, Louisiana Purchase
Sign-up Move to content Natural Heritage Inventory Data Requests Downloads Rare Species Information Rare Species Search Move to content What is a Natural Area? Managing Natural Areas Natural ... the recently discovered populations are in areas receiving at least some disturbance such as that caused by grazing and mowing. Conservation Status: The reasons for the decline of this species may ... More from this site

Thylacoleo - Thylacoleonid Genera & Species: Tertiary Genera
The genus Priscileo is currently represented by only one species, P. pitikantensis. Priscileo pitakantensis - The oldest and most primitive member of the ... species) of W. alcootaensis W. oldfieldi - In 1971, a group of paleontologists, working in the Miocene Wipijiri Formation (Kutjamarpu Local Fauna, South Australia) discovered a nearly complete left dentary of this species ...

Thylacoleo - Thylacoleonid Genera & Species: Quaternary Genera
Fauna of the Chinchilla Sand, southeastern Queensland. Additional fossils of Thylacoleo referable to this species have been found in the Allingham Formation (Bluff Downs local fauna) of northern Queensland ... fragment of this species. This specimen retains a well preserved P/3 and partial I/1. T. carnifex - The first thylacoleonid to have been discovered, the initial fossils of this species were ... More from this site

OTTERNET.COM Species Profiles- Sea Otter
Species Profiles- Sea Otter Home Links Species Habitat Save them News Contests Kids Species Profile: Sea Otter Enhydra lutris   The sea Otter ... to explore new foods. Once a Sea Otter living in Monterey discovered the connections between soda cans and one of it's favorite ... small openings very much like a water balloon. The otter had discovered that some small octopi were taking up residence in trash ...

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