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The tale of the white-wiskered spider monkey
Print this page Send to a friend The tale of the white-wiskered spider monkey The white-wiskered spider monkey, Ateles marginatus, is endemic to the Brazilian Amazon, but its already reduced ... admiration. The youngsters involved have responded well to the use of the white-whiskered spider monkey as a flagship species. Its human-like features, intriguing behaviour and relative abundance in ...

Spider Monkey
Spider Monkey Support the Zoo by donating now or joining the Zoo Society! Learn More Spider Monkey Primate Quiz Read about monkeys as pets See photos of the ... : Atelinae Genus: Ateles Species: Geoffroyi (Black Handed Spider Monkey) Subspecies: geoffroyi (Geoffroy's Spider Monkey) PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS New World monkeys like the spider monkey are more primitive than old world monkeys. Their ...

Spider Monkey Enrichment (Flooded Exhibit)
Spider Monkey Enrichment (Flooded Exhibit) Support the Zoo by donating now or joining the Zoo Society! Learn More Spider Monkey Enrichment Exhibit floor was flooded for 4 hours to create an exciting ... , it certainly elicited a number of different activities including watching it, drinking it, dunking monkey biscuits, reaching in it for food and hand washing. Importantly, it increased the overall ... More from this site

Costa Rica - Spider Monkey
Rica - Spider Monkey Over 150 articles about Costa Rica, 1000 links Click here! Mailing Lists ... Subscribe Click here! ... Spider Monkey (Ateles Geoffroyi) ... by Infocostarica Staff The spider monkey's range is from the southern ... , A.g.ornatus in the north and A.g. panamensis in the south. The spider monkey is diurnally active and has a extreme specialization for an arboreal way of life. ...

WWF - Black spider monkey
WWF Sign in | Sign up | Help About WWF How You Can Help News & Facts FAQ search Home > About WWF > What We Do > Species > About Species > Species Factsheets > Black spider monkey Black spider monkey Ecology & Habitat Population & Distribution Black spider monkey Natural born acrobat of South America Common Name Spider monkey; ... : monkeys : spider monkey : Ateles fusciceps : monkeys : spider monkey : Ateles fusciceps The Face of a Spider Monkey next HOME HedWeb HerbWeb Primate Info BLTC Research Animal Rights FAQ Cebidae Information Paradise-Engineering Monkey Sense of Justice E-mail

Biodiversity-White-Bellied Spider Monkey
Spider Monkey | Yasuní Rainforest Campaign Home | | Save America's Forests Home | | Yasuní Biodiversity Main Page | EXTRAORDINARY ANIMALS AND PLANTS OF YASUNÍ WHITE-BELLIED SPIDER MONKEY White-Bellied Spider Monkey ...

Monkey Maddness - Taxonomy List
Tonkin Rhinopithecus avunculus Spider monkey, black Ateles paniscus Spider monkey, black-faced Ateles paniscus chamek Spider monkey, black-handed Ateles geoffreyi Spider monkey, brown-headed Ateles fusciceps Spider monkey, common Lagothrix lagotricha Spider monkey, Geoffrey's Ateles geoffreyi Spider monkey, long-haired Ateles belzebuth Spider monkey ...

Your Monkey Versus Snake Season!
When hiking with a monkey in wildlife preserves in poisonous snake areas (Hawaii is one of the few areas exempt), take precautions. If your macaque, guenon or spider monkey is a hiker (one who walks on lead for exercise like a dog), never let your monkey explore an overgrown or cluttered area! Never ... : monkey hotlinks
MONKEY HOTLINKS Photos Owl Monkey Spider Monkey Diana Monkey Vervet Monkey Squirrel Monkey Rhesus Monkey Colobine Monkeys Dusky Titi Monkey Proboscis Monkey Debrazza's Monkey Quick Facts: Monkeys Black Howler Monkeys Formosan Rock Monkey Francois Langur Monkey Goeldi's Monkey ...

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