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Living Rivers Grand Canyon Campaign
Muskrat (X) Long-legged myotis bat (SC) Western red bat (SC) Spotted bat (SC) Pale Townsend's big-eared bat (SC) Allen's big-eared bat (SC) Greater Western mastiff bat (SC) INVERTEBRATES Pre-dam insect assemblage ...

ASM | Mammals of California
Southwestern Yellow bat Lasiurus xanthinus xtr SE Western red bat Lasiurus blossevilli Statewide 40, 655, 815 183 Hoary bat Lasiurus cinereus Statewide in wooded areas 41, 42, 656 185 Spotted bat Euderma maculatum Special Concern S 1/2 734 77 Allen's Long-eared bat Idionycteris phyllotis xtr. ...

ASM | Mammals of Nevada
USA. Big Brown bat Eptesicus fuscus Common W 39, 223 356 Western red bat Lasiurus blossevillii Vulnerable W, S Hoary bat Lasiurus cinereus Vulnerable Statewide 656, 41, 42 185 Spotted bat ... More from this site

Hinterland Who's Who - Bats
Lasiurus borealis, and hoary bats. Other species, such as the pallid bat Antrozous pallidus and the spotted bat, roost in cracks and crevices in cliffs.In the fall in Canada, ... long-eared bat Myotis keenii—we lack enough information to make informed judgements about their conservation status; they are designated "data deficient." Two other species, the pallid bat and the spotted bat, are ...

Lubee Bat Conservancy :: Worldwide Conservation Programs & Conservation Initiatives
Malaysia - Unusual roosting of spotted-wing fruit bats South East Asia SE Asia - Bat conservation in SE Asia Global Initiatives At the heart of conserving bat ...

Lubee Bat Conservancy :: Publications
Balding, et al. (2003). "Roosting ecology and social organization of the spotted-winged fruit bat, Balionycteris maculata (Chiroptera: Pteropodidae), in a Malaysian lowland dipterocarp forest ... ) in Malaysian lowland dipterocarp forest, with particular reference to the spotted winged fruit bat ( Balionycteris maculata, Thomas). Aberdeen , University of Aberdeen . Bound PhD Dissertation 86 ... More from this site

Atlantic Spotted Dolphin Photos, Stenella frontalis, Phillip Colla Natural History Photography
Silky Shark Horn Shark Whitetip Reef Shark Manta Ray Torpedo Ray Mobula Ray Bat Ray Marbled Ray Lesser Electric Ray Pelagic Stingray Fishes Ocean Sunfish / Mola ... Dolphin    Bottlenose Dolphin    Dolphins and Swimmers    Risso's Dolphin    Common Dolphin Keywords: atlantic spotted dolphin photos, Stenella frontalis, photography, photograph, underwater Bookmark this page HOME | Online Image Search ...

Predator Conservation Trust: Spotted Hyena information
Spotted Hyena information Carnivores: Aardwolf African Wild Cat African Wild Dog Banded Mongoose Bat Eared Fox Black-backed Jackal Brown Hyena Cape Clawless Otter Cape Fox Caracal Cheetah Civet Dhole Large Spotted ... Side Striped Jackal Snow Leopard Spotted Hyena Striped Hyena Suricate (Meercat) Tiger White Tailed Mongoose Yellow Mongoose SPOTTED HYENA SPOTTED HYAENA also known as Laughing Hyaena ...

Predator Conservation Trust: Bat Eared Fox information
Spotted Hyena Striped Hyena Suricate (Meercat) Tiger White Tailed Mongoose Yellow Mongoose BAT EARED FOX Scientific name: Otocyon Megalotis Afrikaans name: Bakoorvos Swahili name: Bweha masigio Also known as Delalandes Fox The bat ... - the turning jackal. Bat eared foxes are sometimes preyed on by larger predators such as Brown Hyena, Spotted Hyena or large birds of prey. Bat eared foxes often ... More from this site

Bat Ray Photos, Myliobatis californica, Phillip Colla Natural History Photography
False Killer Krill (food) Red Crabs (food) Pacific White-sided Hawaiian Spinner Atlantic Spotted With Swimmers Bottlenose Dolphin Risso's Dolphin Common Dolphin Marine mammal species Seals ... californica    Show full image data See also:     Various Rays    Bat Ray Video Keywords: bat ray photo, bat, ray, bat ray, Myliobatus californica, photography, photograph, underwater Bookmark this page HOME ...

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