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Architectural Salvage in Canada - Salvage Ontario
Progress has brought us particle board, drywall, MDF, OSB, Glu-lams, laminates, vinyl, plastics, steel studs, appliqu├ęs, alloys, and composites of all types forming labour saving components of mass produced ...

ESB: Steel Framing Offers Thermal Challenges
What will happen when it gets cold outside? Heat Loss Steel conducts heat over 300 times faster than wood. When steel studs are placed 16 in. on-center the insulating value of the ... grow mildew. Since the coldest surface is usually over studs, the result could be called the "striped wall syndrome." Immediate Solutions Use steel studs for interior walls. This starts the learning process with ...

ESB: New Steel Stud Design
New Steel Stud Design New Steel Stud Design Four years ago, Philadelphia architect LeRoy Landers was hired to design a building that would be framed with steel studs. He became dismayed after realizing how much the steel would reduce his walls' overall R-value. Steel studs are inherently less energy efficient than ... More from this site

Home Construction
Already these new "green" ... more attractive. Top of Page Home Construction Today's Building Materials Wood Frame Concrete Steel Earth-based Techniques Strawbale Insulated Concrete Forms Insulation Roofing Structural Insulated Panels Meeting California' ...

Home Construction - Steel & Steel Framing
Steel homes use nearly the same framing techniques employed in wood-framed buildings, and construction costs run about the same. Unlike wood, however, steel ... More from this site

Appendix H | IAQ Reference Guide | IAQ TfS Action Kit | IAQ TfS Program | Indoor Air Quality | Air | US EPA
Dust ...

GLREA: Energy Demonstration Center
There were no plumbing lines or fixtures. New ... interior sheathing and lath in place to maintain structural integrity. Steel studs were installed on interior walls and John Savaro, of Eagle ...

GLREA: Energy Demonstration Center
Keeping the first floors original studs and boards intact, the NCFI 2lb density closed cell foam insulation will be sprayed between steel studs which increase the insulation value and minimizes ... of Ledges Home Improvement in Grand Ledge. They are starting out with the erection of steel studs over the original hardwood boards (this takes place prior to the foam insulation). There ... More from this site

Green Building Interior Wall Framing Materials - Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs), Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)
Petrochemical-based foam insulation cores should be avoided. Steel FramingCSI Division: 051200 | Residential Category: Structural Steel Framing Steel is a much better choice for interior partition walls than ... of the excessive heat loss through the steel framing called thermal bridging. What Makes It A Green Product Most light-gauge steel studs have a recycled content of about 25 ...

EPA Region 3's GreenLease Rider | Environmentally Preferable Purchasing | US EPA
In cases where items could not be reused, efforts were made to recycle. All steel studs, for example, were removed and recycled, along with 11,000 low-efficiency fluorescent tubes. Several ...

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