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Boycott Woodchipping Campaign, Boral Corporate Profile
This was made possible through the practice of cable ... balance of power). Eventually, some controls on cable logging in steep country were tacked on to the state's Draft Forest Practices ... watered down to 70% (38) by the Forest Task Force on Steep Country Logging.40 Cable logging on behalf of Boral continues ...

Boycott Woodchipping Campaign, North Corporate Profile
Heritage Commission, letter 2/11/95 Examiner, 31/10/90 Combined Environment Groups, "Report on Steep Country Logging", 1991 APPM Forest Products, "Cable Harvesting", undated Australian Conservation Foundation, Media Release, 25/7 ... More from this site

Stream Dynamics, an essay by Naturalist William Hudson.
Sinuosity in a stream assures that even though it may flow through fairly steep country, its actual slope, and therefore its velocity, is lessened. To understand this concept, imagine a ...

Michael Renner - Beating Swords Into Solar Collectors
That question applies in virtually every country. There is a lot of budgetary pressure on military spending. ... for example. Both military and civilian firms have suffered from the country's enormously rigid central planning system, but the military industry ... can help us to keep going in the midst of either steep odds or what appear to be frightening predicaments, that's ...

ECNC : Services : Saxifraga-Free nature images : Landscapes : ECNC : The European Centre for Nature Conservation
... bicycle bird ringing bird watching boating burning camping coastal pollution communication conurbation cross country skiing cutting forests cutting osiers cycling dam, reservoir and hydroelectric activity derelict area ... moraine mountain brook mountain lake mountain ridge mountain river mountain slope mountain slope (steep rock) mudflat non-tidal creek nehrung other coast rock other erosion feature ...

Thinking Like a Mountain by Aldo Leopold - wolves and deforestation
It tingles in the spine of all who hear ... pumping lead into the pack, but with more excitement than accuracy: how to aim a steep downhill shot is always confusing. When our rifles were empty, the old wolf was down ...

A Sense of Place (Do or Die)
The strangeness of these formations fuelled further myths that ... ling heather and whinberry (called bilberry in other parts of the country). On higher ground, heather grows with cowberry and crowberry - its ... dry heath, one of only nine to be designated in the country. It supports red grouse, stonechat and nesting curlew and is ... More from this site

CRFM Mission Statement
CDF approved the plan and the ... a helicopter logging operation near a densely populated residential area adjacent to the Boulder Creek Country Club drew heavy criticism from neighbors who were exposed to deafening noise. The heavily loaded ...

WDNR - Find a State Park or Forest
Forest map [PDF 345KB]. State map Governor Dodge State Park 5,000 scenic acres of steep hills, bluffs and deep valleys, plus two lakes offering swimming, fishing and boating (electric ... Humans contributed beaches and boat launches, trails for horses, off-road (mountain) bikes, snowmobiles, cross-country skiing and hiking, picnic areas and four campgrounds. Cabin for people with disabilities. S91 ...

Country Profiles
Country Profiles International Network of Forests and Communities c/o Eco-Research Chair University of Victoria ... our profiles of community forestry for different countries around the world.

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