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Storm Water Permit Program for Transportation Facilities
Storm Water Program includes an industrial storm water permitting component. Operators of certain transportation facilities that discharge storm water to a municipal separate storm ...

Storm Water Permit Program Excludes Certain Transportation Facilities
Storm Water Program. The intent of the no exposure provision is to provide facilities with industrial materials and activities that are entirely sheltered from storm water a simplified way of complying with the storm water permitting provisions of the Clean Water Act. This includes facilities ... More from this site

NALGEP - National Association of Local Government Environmental Professionals
NALGEP’s members manage diverse and challenging programs including wastewater treatment, storm water permitting, solid waste management, recycling, air quality, brownfields re-development, energy conservation, and environmental compliance. Benefits ...

Division of Surface Water Main Page
Nonpoint source program NPDES permit lists ODOT permitting Operator certification program Permits program Permit-to- ... Storm water program Surface water information management system (SWIMS) SWIMware Technical bulletins and fact sheets Total maximum daily load (TMDL) program Volunteer monitoring program Water resource inventories Water quality criteria and values Water quality management plan Water ...

Water Headlines for July 17, 2006 | Water | US EPA
Rule Public Meetings Webcast on Benefits of Watershed-Based NPDES Permitting Subscribe to Water Headlines July is Smart Irrigation Month EPA's new WaterSense ... Permitting, featuring Patrick Bradley and Jennifer Molloy from EPA's Office of Wastewater Management. This interactive on-line seminar will cover mechanisms to implement watershed-based permitting and issues related to managing storm water ...

Water Headlines for June 12, 2006 | Water | EPA
Clean Water Act passed in the Energy Policy Act of 2005, modifies water permitting program regulations to clarify that uncontaminated storm water discharged from oil and gas ... the importance of storm water management at oil and gas sites as it implements its rulemaking activities. This rule is effective today. Information on permitting of storm water discharges: http://cfpub ... More from this site

DEQ - Storm Water
Michigan. Secondly, we have developed and implemented an educational component of our permitting process. • Municipal Program / MS4 Permit Guidance • Construction Site Program • Industrial Program • Summary of NPDES Fees for storm water discharges • Contact Information • Rules and Regulations • Storm Water ...

california storm water permits environmental permits permitting environmental permit application california san diego bay area orange county
Home About JNE Services Request Info Contact Us Links Environmental Permitting ... provide monitoring services for discharge requirements. Other typical projects include: Storm Water Permits Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans for construction projects Spill Prevention, ...

stormwater management storm water pollution prevention plan california san diego bay area
Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan Development To obtain water quality certification for construction a project specific stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPP) must be submitted to the permitting ... More from this site

KERAMIDA | Water Management Publications and Presentations
Morrison, J., Ohio EPA. "SPCC & Storm Water Management and Compliance." Manufacturers' Education Council - 18th Annual Environment Permitting in Ohio Conference. Columbus, OH. July 2008. Nelson, ... June 2007. Belcredi, K., KERAMIDA and Klaas, J., Wabash Valley Power Association. "Storm Water & SPCC Solutions: EPA Guidance & No Exposure Exclusion." Manufacturers' Education Council - ...

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