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Strawbale House
Parkway sub division, Murray Bridge After about 4 design schemes by this practice for straw bale structures for a number of clients in various areas around Adelaide, this one was ... kitchen, raised northern deck in front of living area, southern pergola at entry, infill straw bale insulated exterior and some internal sound control walling; framed internal walling, ventilated pantry. Separately ...

Design of Straw Bale Buildings Introduction
The explosive rise in interest has resulted in thousands of built straw bale structures throughout the globe, and a small and increasing number of books on the subject. (For more general discussions of straw bale ...

Staff and Board Bios
For over a decade David has led the effort to create a sustainable context for ... is on the Advisory Board of Environmental Building News. He is co-author of The Straw Bale House book and has written dozens of published articles, forewords, book chapters and papers. ...

International Straw Bale Registry - An exciting resource by, The Last Straw Journal, and The Straw Bale Association of Texas that lists existing straw bale structures and information about whether or not they are open for visits. The Last Straw - The journal of the straw bale ... More from this site

Ecocomposite Site Map
Ecocomposites Introduction to Ecocomposites Understanding Natural Materials, Composites and Structures Ecocomposite Reading List Ecocomposites for Buildings Ecocomposite Resources - Links Ecocomposite ... Commercial - Straw Bale Construction Ecology and Education for Sustainable Design Straw Bale Resources 2000-2001 Straw Bale Resources 2000: Key Articles & Older Material Straw Bale Resources 2000 ...

Straw Bale Resources 2000: Key Articles & Older Material
Straw, volume #1-29. A well thought out commercial straw bale temporary building system for animal shelter and food storage was for sale in England under the name "Con-tented Structures ... More from this site

EcoIQ Green Design & Building Home Page
EcoIQ works to ... ecological design principles, building a natural and healthy home, certification of forest products, straw bale building, remodeling for energy efficiency, and more. EcoIQ offers its own store including ...

EcoOutlet Books
More information here. EcoFootage. ... More from this site

Short Courses
Courses Graham Brookman Annemarie Brookman with Lance Kairl, principal tutor for straw-bale building courses ”Sometimes you encounter new ideas that dramatically change the way you ... -of-the-art composting toilet and reedbed system and other environmentally responsible structures include passive-solar straw-bale accommodation, indoor-outdoor teaching space and coolroom, and a cob oven. ...

Short Courses
We’ll discuss load-bearing versus pole frame structures, various wall shapes, foundations, ... of fruit and nuts. The success of the cold room and subsequent structures has convinced Graham that straw bale construction is the ideal building meduim for Southern Australia. Annemarie Brookman teaches, ... More from this site

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