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De Wildt Cheetah and Wildlife Trust, North West Province, South Africa
A phone call to enquire about permits, however, resulted instead in a prompt visit from ... initial location was unsuitable for these wild raptors but moving it to a more open stretch of land solved the problem. In 1981 there was another momentous breakthrough at De Wildt ...

Catskill Hiking Adventures
Elderhostel Hiking Programs: 5 Mountains in 5 Days: Hiking the Catskill Peaks Stretch and Stride: Yoga and Hiking in the Catskills For more information please check out FrostValley ...

Educational Programs
Country Skiing & Snowshoeing April: 20-25 - Stretch & Stride 27-May 2 - Catskill tradition Fly ... Stretch & Stride 15-20 - 5 Rivers in 5 Days August: 17-22 - 5 Mountains in 5 Days 24-29 - Stretch & Stride September: 7-12 - Fly Fishing, the Catskill Tradition 21-26 - 5 Rivers in 5 Days 28-Oct 3 - Stretch & Stride October: 5-10 - Fall Foliage, Late Autumn Hike 19-24 - Stretch & Stride ... More from this site

National Geographic Adventure Magazine - 2006
Back in Stride: Road Running Shoes Jump-start your routine with the latest spring-training gear. COLUMNS Travel ... Perfect Break on California's Lost Coast Somewhere north of San Francisco, on the longest stretch of wilderness beach in the lower 48, there is a near-mythical surf break—a ...

National Geographic Adventure Mag.: Scotland's West Highland Way
If you were to hike a long stretch of Scottish countryside—let's say, a trail called the West Highland Way, spanning 95 ... coast, from Glenlivet to Lagavulin. And now, on a mild morning in early September, I stride forth from the south terminus of the West Highland Way, marked by a stone obelisk ... More from this site

No wasted motion, no overstride. Poster children for quick cadence. ... the visitors. Not long after that, though, we entered another open stretch and the cramping was worse. Things got pretty nasty from ... stopped, knowing also that this was also shortly before the difficult stretch where I'd earlier done a minor faceplant. Earlier was 3 ...

He seemed to be favoring his right leg, most likely due to some residual soreness ... release carrier and flew south towards the ferry dock. Just before I arrived at the stretch of beach that was to be the gull's release site, I passed a woman ...

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