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Time to tell the truth, again - Sunita Narain Page 1 Page 2 SEARCH IWMC HOME BOOKSTORE eNEWSLETTER IWMC FORUM Sunita Narain Time to tell the truth, again MEDIA CENTER SUSTAINABLE USE ... IWMC CENSORED CONTACT IWMC EVENTS CALENDAR WEB LINKS Director, Centre For Science and Environment Sunita Narain, born in 1961, has been with the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) ...

Equity Watch Archives- Global Environmental Government Unit - Centre for Science and Environment (CSE)
In good hope by Sunita Narain Adaptation protocol Is law the answer? 'You don't take friends to court' Enele Sopoaga ... by Jyoti Parikh Sink or Sting CDM: bartering the future for peanuts? Full circle by Sunita Narain Looks Black India and the carbon sinks idea, placed in perspective Carbonstocking Some 'innovative' carbon ...

Equity Watch - Global Environmental Government Unit - Centre for Science and Environment (CSE)
A L L S A I D A N D D O N E SUNITA NARAIN In good hope I will NOT write about the Delhi declaration. Grown-up men and ... More from this site

WELL - Resource Centre Network for Water, Sanitation and Environmental Health
In short, “water should be everybody's business!" References Anil Agarwal, Sunita Narain and Indira Khurana (2001). Making water everybody’s, Business Centre for Science and ... Bangladesh Socio Economic Unit Foundation, Training handouts Thiruvanthapuram, Kerala, India Anil Agarwal and Sunitha Narain (2001) Dying wisdom Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), New Delhi, India CSE ...

Issue, Events & Activities
CSE director Sunita Narain. Individuals and organisations from across the country, who have made significant efforts to ... Jairaj -Devaki Panini -Gurunadha Rao -Mohit Ray -M K Ramesh -Sandeep Virmani -Shyam Parekh -Sunita Narain -Tej Razdan -Videh Upadhyay -S Vishwanath CSE has constitiuted a core committee to facilitate ...

Rainwater Harvesting - Solution to water crisis - Technology and Systems
W E E K PRESS RELEASE: [Aug. 26, 2005] CSE director Sunita Narain receives the World Water Prize in Stockholm. Narain accepts award on behalf of unsung "water engineers and water managers of ... Water profile of Thiruvananthapuram Water profile of Kolkata TIGER TASK FORCE Government appoints CSE director, Sunita Narain, chairperson of a five-member Task Force to review the management of Tiger Reserves ...

Issue, Events & Activities
Khandsa Road, Gurgaon This was followed by a group discussion, led by CSE's director Sunita Narain. A vibrant and interactive session of exchanging ideas, experiences and opinions took place, with the ... More from this site

eceee: European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy
Confessions of a Sinner Columnist Rod Janssen Change must be championed Columnist Sunita Narain eceee Updates Eco-design: eceee comments on proposed eco-design requirements for motors, fans, pump ...

eceee: Columnists
June 2008 Rod Janssen, Independant consultant: Confessions of a Sinner May 2008 Sunita Narain, Centre for Science and Environment: Change must be championed April 2008 Hans Nilsson, Fourfact: ... February 2008 Hans Nilsson, Fourfact: 20 % missing: A case for Hercule Poirot? January 2008 Sunita Narain, Centre for Science and Environment: Bali: the mother of all no-deals December 2007 ... More from this site

Block, Janak Puri New Delhi - 110058 Telephone 5555412/ 5553652 Centre for Science and Environment Ms Sunita Narain Director Tughlakabad New Delhi Telephone 6081110, 6083394, 6081124, 6086399 Fax 6085879 Committee on Science and ...

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